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Illic Lantresh, rat1oN

Executive Officer
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Ancientz Lore

2567 BC – Earth, Egypt/Gizah

Ahaneith, a 20 year old egyptian male, is a servant to Pharao Khufu. His duties include bringing the Pharao his food every evening, serving him his drinks and looking for his comfort all around. He works every day with no exceptions but one, a single evening every two months the Pharao sents all his servants and even his guards out to have a free night in town. They are not allowed to return until the morning of the following day.

One of those nights Ahaneith decides to stay in the palace and hides in the Pharaos chambers. He wants to know what his master would do on these occasions, being alone in the palace. A big golden chest in the corner of the Pharaos bedroom proves to be big enough to comfortably hide behind. Hours go by and the evening turns into night. Nothing happens, his master doesnt appear in his chambers and Ahaneith almost falls asleep. Suddenly a blinding light shoots into the room, coming from the courtyard. The light is accompanied by a loud gushing sound thats unlike anything he ever heard before. Naturally curious, he carefully sneaks over to the balcony of the bedroom. Outside he sees his master, standing in front of a strangely formed grey and silver house with bright lights shining all over it. Like magic, the houses door opens and a bridge grows out of it. Ahaneith cant believe his eyes. What is happening here?

Then they appear, two men step out of the door. They are dressed in tight blue, grey and golden clothes and wear strangely formed helmets. One of the men walks over to the Pharao, the other staying right on the bridge. Suddenly Ahaneith hears a hissing sound and the mans helmet opens, again like magic. What he sees next is hard to believe – this man has the head of a lizard on his shoulders. Is this a god conversing with the Pharao? Is this the reason the Pharao can build his great pyramid bigger and better than any manmade building before?

The Pharao and the strange man talk to each other, but Ahaneith cant understand what they are saying. The word Jiaan gets said again and again. Is it the gods name? He thinks to himself maybe they are speaking in the tongue of the gods. After a while the man turns around and walks back into the house, the other one following him on foot. The bridge dissapears into the house and the door closes shut. The gushing sound starts again, a strong wind that stirrs up the dust in the courtyard is coming from the house. Then it starts to rise into the sky. Ahaneith is convinced he has witnessed a god coming down to earth.

Slowly he walks back into the Pharaos chamber and out of the door. As soon as he is past the door, he runs as fast as his feet can carry him until he arrives at his mothers house. She isnt surprised to see him since he would spend his one free night with her often, but what he told her today was hard to believe. He was convinced he had witnessed a god come down from the sky. Was her son going crazy or was he just drunk? Ahaneiths mother, just having been woken, tells him to go to bed and sleep over it. When Ahaneith wakes in the morning, he takes a piece of papyrus and writes this story down, illustrating it with pictures of the flying house and the lizard man. He is sure the gods wouldnt approve of him telling this to anyone, so he decides to hide the papyrus in a wooden box under his bed in his mothers house, where it would stay for a very long time.

1973 – Earth, Egypt/Gizah

Harald Tropf is the 21 years old assistant to Karl Kromer, a world renowned archeologist working on the excavation of a village on the Gizah plateu. Harald isnt the best archeologist around but he is Dr. Kromers nephew, so he always gets the job. Harald is working on the excavation of an old egyptian family house. The first thing he notices as he walks into the freshly digged out house is how well preserved everything is. In one of the bedchambers he finds a wooden box that looks very much intact. As he picks it up the wood crumbles in his fingers. Harald tries to put it back but the box disintegrates in his hands, showing a piece of rolled up papyrus inside. Its in perfect condition thanks to the box and a thick coating of bees wax on the papyrus itself. As he examines it closer he sees something he cant fathom. There are pictures of a lizard headed man coming out of what only can be described as a futuristic spaceship. He thinks to himself it looks like the Enterprise from tv, but smaller. Harald loves Star Trek, a tv series that was cancelled a few years prior, and is also a big fan of science fiction books.

As he sees the spaceship picture in these without a doubt a few thousand years old writings he decides to keep the papyrus to himself.Over the next years he learns old egyptian writing and translates the text to english, proving his theory of an alien visit in old egypt and finding out the name of the alien in the process. Its Jian, or Chian, or Tschian, he is not sure . He writes a book about his findings in his later years, but is not able to finish it until he dies in the year 2018 in London, UK.

2142 – Earth, UK/London

Jack Wilton, 43, is owner and CEO of one of the most profitable publishing businesses in Britain. He is also very passionate about the exploration of space and the possibilty of life on other planets. He has spent his life collecting relevant art, historical artifacts and literature but his most priced posession is the original of a papyrus from around 2600 BC and the 125 year old draft of a book by some german archeologist translating and examining it. It shows possibly the real first contact of humans and aliens, a weirdly named lizardlike race and a spaceship with the Pharao Cheops, made in the time he built his great pyramid. Today is a big day for Jack, his new company will have their first exploration mission into the solar system. Ancientz Ltd. has bought 10 RSI Zeus spaceships and Jack is piloting one of them himself. The first step to find the lizardmen, wherever they are. Sadly the Zeus isnt made for long spacetravel, so Ancientz Ltd. works the next 15 years from a moonbase, where they come to be known as one of the best transportation companies around.

A few more years go by and Jack is now one of the richest men in the world. He sets up a fund with most of his money to make sure the company can work on his goal infinitely, even if profits would grow slim from time to time. He writes down a goal definition for Ancientz Ltd., putting finding the mysterious lizardrace at the top of the companies priorities and deciding that the company should pay 10% of their overall profits into the fund every year to sustain the search as long as necessary. He wills that if the company ever astrays from his directives, they loose access to the fund.

Jack Wilton dies in 2163 while saving many of his employees from the same fate as the moon headquarters suddenly decompress after a worker crashes one of the windows with a forklift. He manages to evacuate most of the bases staff but his spacesuit gets ripped open by a faulty door mechanism and he suffocates. Ancientz Ltd. builds a statue at the moonbase remembering his heroism.

2262 – Neso Triangle, Sol System

Sarah Heart, 48, has been CEO of Ancientz Corp for the last 10 years. Today she has her hands full, two of the companies exploration ships have disappeared in the infamous Neso triangle and she is leading a mission to find them. One of the companies deepspace lookouts had registered movement of something big, Sarah is sure it was a ship but not any ship humans had ever seen before. To her that could only mean one thing, the lizards had unveiled themselves.

In the years after Jack Wiltons death the search for the alien race became even more of a cornerstone of the companies dealings. Ancientz Corp was involved in transportation, exploration, private military contracts and bounty hunting all around the solar system. With the evergrowing fund the company could easily afford five top of the line deep space exploration ships. Two of those went missing a few weeks ago, after checking on the registered movements of the suspected ship. Sarahs ship, the Santa Maria, is closing in on the last known position of their explorers as the ships com signals an incoming call. Who could be out here? She steps over to the communicator to check the incoming ID. There is none. The ships scanning officer chimes in, remarking that theres no way to buy a ship without ID legally. Are they pirates? What would they do here, theres nothing around for weeks. No reasonable assumption of bounty coming through, Sarah thinks to herself.

She pushes the com button reluctantly, a shook up voice shouts at her to stop her ship. The voice sounds weird and somehow not human. She has to think fast now, stopping could mean running into a trap. Suddenly her eyes light up, her finger still on the com button she says “Jian?” For a second the com goes dead silent, then the voice shouts again “Yes! Stop….now!” Sarah turns to her pilot and tells him to stop immediately. The G forces of the breaking maneuver push her forward and against a wall. As she shakes the impact, she suddenly sees it. Its a hole, a hole in space. What the fuck is going on here? Sarah knows this is not a black hole, it exerts no pull on the ship at all. So what is it? Inside the hole she can see some kind of purple energy pulsating but somehow it doesnt look dangerous. Then she begins to understand – this must be the way to another system and the Jian live there.

The sensors of the Santa Maria register a small craft, 500 kilometers out and closing in fast. This is not a human ship, it must be them. Now. After all these years. Sarahs mind is racing as the ship comes into close proximity. “Open!” sounds through the speakers on the Santa Marias bridge. Sarah and her first mate Mike Nichols make their way to the airlock. Two lifeforms leave the alien ship into the vacuum of space and drift over to the opening airlock. Sarah and Mike are astonished by the look of their suits, they are much sleeker than human spacesuits could ever be made, they actually look like normal clothes with built in helmets. The airlock cycles and opens, the two men step out. Their helmets are looking made completely of chrome and have no seethrough areas. “You Ancientz?” one of the men says. Sarah feels thunderstruck, how would they know who we are, she thinks as she nicks and says “Yes. You Jian?” holding up a copy of the ancient papyrus. One of the men bows his head down and presses a button on the back of his neck, with a hiss his helmet opens. His face looks like a tortoises, but his eyes show his intellect. Sharp and yellow they fixate Sarah. “You ship break…you people safe…moonser safe” he says, his voice sounding strange as he has no lips to form words. Instead he produces the human like voice in the back of his throat as it appears, making hearing it an eery experience. Sarah begs the visitors into the captains quarters while Mike is taking the bridge to keep watch.

The next few hours are the most exciting ones in Sarahs life, she gets to hear their whole story. She even learns some words in their language. “Shē’sueren” which means “Hello and Greetings with Peace.” This is the formal greeting and meant to only be used among close friends or in the hope of establishing a bond. Use of this phrase in a casual manner or when approaching a situation with tension or duplicity will immediately marginalize you in the Xi’ans eyes. One could argue that it’s a pledge of truth and honor as much as a greeting. “Chac”, a casual hello to be used among peers or to subordinates. She learned the use of this phrase from a subordinate to a superior or to a Xi’an of a higher caste than you will cause offense. “Athlē-korr” which means “Safe Travel” a formal goodbye, roughly the equivalent of “godspeed”. Also “Gath”, the casual goodbye. Sarah is impressed with the intricacies of their language, she is also surprised to learn that this species can apparently live for centuries.

The Xi´an, as they are really called, were stranded in a system neighbouring Sol through a wormhole. This was not their whole species, just the crew of a big exploration fleet. These Xi´an explorers were tasked with charting a newfound system when the wormhole they used to transfer there suddenly closed. They settled on a planet in the system they were now stranded in. The Xi´an were searching the system for a way back home, but they never found one. What they found was something different, a hole to the Sol system. While charting the system they found a planet full of water, lush and with breathable air. To their surprise there was intelligent life on this planet, a race that had evolved from apes and was straight on its way to global domination. They decided to build a second base of operations on the earths moon, to keep an eye on this species reign over the planet.

When they saw the first high culture establish, they knew it was time to visit them. Over the years they had visited many leaders of earths cultures to help humans evolve, always trying their best not to be spotted on their quests. The Pharaos called them Moonsers, because the Xi´an told them they were coming from the moon and were watching over the humans from there. Since they liked this name and felt honored by it, they decided to keep it and even use it themselves. They were treated like gods because their tech seemed like magic to humans. In the 20th century they followed humanities push to reach space and knew a try for the moon wouldnt be far out, so they retreated back to where they came from, guarding the entrance to their system ever since. From time to time they visited Earth were they learned about a company that was looking for them, a company called Ancientz, who had a very good idea of their look, tech and their species name. They had to keep an eye on them. When they saw the two exploration ships trying to pass into the wormhole they managed to pull them back with a tractor beam which in turn destroyed big parts of the ships. Luckily they were able to rescue most of the crew.

This wormhole is where all the ships have disappeared to, this is where the lizards live! Sarah is exstatic, she has found them. This is the first contact of spacefaring humanity with alien life. The company had worked toward this goal for 120 years, where would they go from here? At the end of the meeting they make a commitment to each other, every ten years they will meet at this place to converse about happenings in the Sol system and exchange tech and biological samples. Sarah promises to not make their existence known because they fear the humans would go to war with them if they got found out. They hand her a very old looking amulett with the face of the egyptian god Anubis on it. Then they head back to their ship to transfer the saved Ancientz explorers back to the Santa Maria.

2948 – Luna, Sol System

Todays Ancientz are a organisation registered as PMC in the UEE Empire, they boast an impressive industrial fleet and a powerful defense force which are still based on Earths moon Luna. Their exploration fleet is screening the edges of the known galaxy for ways to new systems and maybe more unknown life. The Xi´an managed centuries after the first meeting to find a way back to their empire where the Moonsers are still around today. They are known to be friendlier to humans than the usual Xi´an and while the meetings in Sol stopped after the Moonsers found their way back home, there is still an Ancientz delegation traveling to the Xi´an empire to visit their friends every ten years. To this day a replica of the Xi´ans amulett is worn by every senior member of Ancientz, an artists rendition of the Amulett is used as the company logo. The phrases “Chac“and “Gath” are used as a friendly hello and goodbye in the organisation but since theyre human and not Xi´an, they have thrown out all the formalities.

Sometimes it happens that a drunk Ancientz member tells the story of how his org made first contact 200 years before the rest of humanity but its never believed. Maybe thats for the better.


Ancientz was started to create an organization where crew and ship owners are treated as equals. Our goal is to realize your dreams as a player instead of using members as pawns for our own good. We want to remain a small org, every member should know the others well enough to banter about and voice their opinion for and against anything. We try our best to be our own ecosystem, we are self sufficient and operate deep into high risk space.

Strong alliances with other small orgs will be our way of defending our independence.

Our goals are competitive, but we want to reach them through equilibrium within the org itself. A perfect amount of crew per ship ratio, fleet composition and distribution between military, exploration and industry so every member can realize their in game dream supported from the heart of a strong industrial core.

Divisions are based on time zones. We have one American, European and Australian division and on weekends we all get together and have the option for some large scale game play.

UEE Law is not something we will follow blindly, we don´t accept griefing or pointless piracy but if we have a choice between the good of our members and the law – we will choose the good of our own

Ancientz economy fleet is made up of massive ships. Our Orions mine the best known spots, our Reclaimers feast on the remains of space battles. We have Crucibles and Vulcans for repairs and large Hulls that transport all kinds of goods through the known galaxy. Our Endeavor hospital tends to the needs of our org and the civil population.

Ancientz military fleet is set up to be able to defend our civil ships in any situation. Our armed forces specialize in traveling long range side by side with the rest of us to find the best mining claims and fuel clouds and transfer them home safely. Last but not least, our military brings a range of capital ships and a hefty ground force to bear. Should the need for warfare ever arise, our enemy will curse the day they messed with Ancientz when they see our Javelin appear on their scanners.

Ancientz exploration fleet is scraping the edges of the known systems, always on the lookout for uncharted jump points and maybe, someday, a way to a new unexplored system. Our dual Endeavor mobile base is equipped with everything thats needed to ensure total self sufficiency, our Carracks strike deeper into unknown space.

Profit and growth is our pole star for navigation across the verse.


Ancientz Laws We´re a flat organization who wants to avoid unnecessary hierarchy and promote open discussion from every crew member. If you want to be an appreciated crew member whos opinion counts as much as anybody else´s, then we are a great fit for you. During the alpha we do not force gameplay on members, you play whenever you want to, even if we do PU meetups for those who feel like it.

We do not accept griefers and pirating but we also don´t intend to blindly follow the law if it hurts our own members. If we offer to escort you off our premises, you better accept or we will take you out.

We will however listen to the guidelines of the Galactic Union and act accordingly whenever we can.

So what do we require from you if you want to join? You must be a positive and happy person and together we can build loyalty to one another. We have our own Discord and Teamspeak and we are working on the website right now, we also do PU meetups every weekend for those who enjoy that.