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Bounty Hunters Guild / BONDSMANS

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Infiltration

The Bounty Hunters Guild is an institution that regulate the bounty-hunting trade in the outer-verse.

If you ever need our services, for the right price, we’re here to provide you with the best, most professional, fast and discreet bonding service in the verse. Become a Affiliate today !


Interested in the hunt?

The Bounty Hunter Guild would like to offer you the chance to earn your Suspect Apprehension Certification.

While CIG is still developing the game; We are actively recruiting & helping to onboard new Hunters into the verse. Veteran Backers are taking it chill, mostly social & theory crafting about the game in our discord while we wait for patch to patch release and try the new content.

The Guild will eventually get around the verse supporting Hunters & Affiliates via our Cantina network. If in need of our services… This is the way


Bondsman Guild Protocol which dictate the procedure and policies to be follow in providing an individual to a bounty hunter or other authorities.

a Mercenary is just anyone who is hired to fight for a living, whether as a guard, assassin, soldier or else.

a Bounty Hunter is someone who specialize in the art of The Hunt. With of their varied skill set ; searching out specific targets. observing them, disabling them, killing them if necessary, and escorting them or their bodies back to the client.



Solus: individual don’t have Bounties, ONLY acquisitions have bounties, therefore only considered an assets.
T’ad: forbidden for members to slay another Hunter.
Ehn: no Hunter shall interfere with another’s Hunt
Cuir: CAPTURE by design, KILL by necessity
Rayshe’a: in the Hunt, one captures or kills, never both
Resol: forbidden for members to steal another hunter’s bounty.
E’tad: forbidden for hunters to ask about their bounties once delivered, requiring that events that transpired between the time of accepting and delivering the bounty be immediately forgotten.
Sh’ehn: If you encounter other Hunter while hunting, no Hunter shall refuse aid to another one.

Subparagraph 9: Whether bounties were arrested for a felony or misdemeanor ours professional bonding services are there to get the job done for you asap.
Subparagraph 10: Mandatory to redact organization status.
Subparagraph 15: Assets. Mostly assets are classified based on 4 broad categories, A, B, C & AA
Subparagraph 16: Any individuals holding an asset to immediately produce it to a bounty hunter under certain conditions.
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