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Dead Men Walking / DMW

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DMW were first established during the second millennium in 1996
so are one of the oldest known earth organizations, pre-dating even the United Nations of Planets.

Today in 2942, DMW still hold true our core values:

Friendship, respect, teamwork and maturity.

Join us now!


Dead Men Walking, a faction from a forgotten war waged aeons ago. Historical records claim they emerged victorious in all their deployments, using wits, guile, and group tactics in order to outsmart legions of enemies. Their level of co-ordination was unheard-of at the time, enemies accused them of using forbidden arts, and technologies in order to gain an advantage. The truth however was trust. Trust of each other, whilst working as a singular collective to achieve an defend their ideologies.

The texts claim they shaped the path to the future. Today, they dwell within the stars, descendants of the faction from ages past. Their legacy continues, will you join them and together shape the future?


[DMW] Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking is a long-established multi-gaming community with an excellent reputation for fair play, mature attitude and teamwork. Our continuing mission is to provide a home for gamers who recognise that achieving success as a team is far more rewarding than racking up individual scores. Quite simply, frag-hunters, lone wolves, griefers, cheats and the plain selfish will not fit in here.

Still reading? Excellent! First jump point successfully negotiated :-)

Our organisation within Star Citizen is looking for new pilots to help us grow and to further reinforce our reputation gained in the other games we have supported over the years. Your skill as a pilot is unimportant to us, your willingness to put your team before yourself is what matters. Because of our ethos, piracy doesn’t sit comfortably with us so if you’ve decided that Piracy’s the route you’d like to pursue then you will have to do your jolly-rogering elsewhere.

Since 1996 we’ve played a variety of different games together. We make extensive use of Teamspeak and, where it is possible, we also provide our own gaming servers. We also organise regular social events such as LAN parties. Whilst our largest contingent is based in the UK, we have members from across the whole of Europe.

We value friendship, fun and teamwork in an atmosphere of mature mutual respect. As such our members are typically 18+ yrs, so if you are significantly younger then you are welcome but please be aware that you’ll need to fit in with our mature membership. If you get on well with our existing members then you’ll have found a great social home for your Citizenship.

DMW will be aiming to run lots of coop within SC when it launches as that’s what allows us to be sociable whilst we’re playing. So if you’re looking for some space-faring fun as part of a great team then look no further. We have absolutely no desire to be a major force within the SC universe so if you’re looking for an Org full of pilots who share a badge but have no idea who each other are than I’m sure you’ll have no problem locating one.

Our active forum is a great place to learn more about us and, specifically, what we aim to achieve within SC. Check out our SC section to see how our current fleet is shaping up and what our members are talking about. If you like what you see and you think you’d like to be part of this great little community or if you’d like a bit more information then please post a ‘Hi’ in our forum or reply here.

Our forum can be found here.

Our current fleet status can be found here.

Our Organisation Forum post is here

TLDR: See you around. Have fun in the ‘verse.


Article I – Behaviour

  1. Be Excellent To Each Other
    1. DMW strives to create a safe and positive community for all kinds of people and all kinds of playstyles.
    2. Members shall at all times respect all members and assets of the Organisation.
    3. If a member is found to be harassing another member, the member will be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, which could result in the member being terminated.
  2. Be An Ambassador
    1. Members shall not troll forum posts or other social media sites. Any member found trolling will be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, possibly resulting in termination. DMW does not condone trolling, flaming or smack talking of any kind.
    2. Any member acting in a way that brings the reputation of the Organisation into disrepute will, Alliance rulings withstanding, be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, possibly resulting in termination.
  3. No Piracy
    1. Members are not to engage in any acts of piracy, nor are they permitted to associate with known pirates.
    2. Any member suspected of engaging in piracy will be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure. The penalty will be termination.
    3. Any member suspected of associating with known pirates or assisting known pirates will be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, possibly resulting in termination.
  4. No Slavery
    1. Members are not to engage in any acts relating to slavery, slave trading, people trafficking, etc.
    2. Any member suspected of engaging in such activities will subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, possibly resulting in termination.
  5. Other ‘Illicit’ Activities Are Permitted
    1. The Organisation understands that the legality of some activities is dependent upon location and/or intent, and while the Organisation would like its members to remain within the law, it also recognises that sometimes a member may have to bend the laws on occasion in order to make a living. Accordingly, unless expressly communicated by the Senior Management Team, all activities other than those mentioned above are permitted unless it starts to affect the reputation of the Organisation with the UEE authorities.
    2. Any member causing the reputation of the Organisation to be affected in a negative capacity with the UEE will be subject to the Organisation’s disciplinary procedure, but will not result in termination.
    3. Changes in this policy will be made here and communicated to all members via the Organisation’s member forum.
  6. Rules Of Engagement
    1. DMW are NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot). This means that members are not permitted to take any form of aggressive action towards any other lifeform or any item belonging to any other lifeform unless one or more of the following conditions is met:
      1. The target has been declared an enemy of the UEE and an ‘open’ bounty placed upon them.
      2. DMW’s Alliance is ‘at war’ with the target or the target’s organisation, faction or race.
      3. DMW is ‘at war’ with the target or the target’s organisation, faction or race.
      4. The target has a bounty on them and the DMW member is acting within the terms of a bounty contract.
      5. The target has aggressed first, has not responded to requests to desist, and the DMW member needs to respond in order to protect themselves.
    2. ‘Aggressive Action’ includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Firing on
      2. Ramming

Article II – Membership

  1. Joining
    1. Applications will be accepted according to the following criteria:
      1. Successful registration and introduction on the Organisation’s member forum.
      2. Full visibility of membership of other organisations. Applicants with affiliations to other orgs that are hidden will be refused.
      3. No prior reputation of piracy.
      4. No affiliation with pirate organisations or organisations with links to known pirates.
      5. Not currently affiliated with any Enemies of the Organisation.
      6. An interview with Human Resources and/or two or more of the Senior Management Team.
    2. Affiliate members will be granted a Rank of ‘Alpha’ and will never change from that. Affiliate members will not be granted any Roles within the Organisation whatsoever, under any circumstances.
    3. Full members will be given a Rank of ‘Bravo’ initially, and can achieve promotion at a later date. Bravos will not be permitted to have any Roles within the Organisation whatsoever, under any circumstances.
    4. Promotion/Demotion/Termination
      1. Affiliate members will never be promoted in Rank.
      2. Full members will be promoted from ‘Bravo’ to ‘Charlie’ upon completion of one or more of the following:
        1. 6 months of service.
        2. 3 month of active service.
      3. Promotion beyond ‘Charlie’ will be subject to the member displaying particular service and dedication to the Organisation and excellence within a specific discipline, and will be by invitation only. Such invitations will be discussed between members of Senior Management before being awarded.
      4. Any and all members can be subject to demotion and/or termination, regardless of Rank, and all such actions will be taken following a disciplinary process have taken place. All such decisions will be final and no further discussion into the decision will be made following the application of that decision.
  2. Disciplinary Procedure
    1. Any member suspected of an infraction of the rules will have the incident investigated by Human Resources.
    2. For the duration of the investigation, all Roles will be revoked and all access rights to organisation owned or shared assets will be revoked.
    3. HR and at least two other members of Senior Management must review the incident and any associated evidence, and will vote on what disciplinary action, if any, should occur.
    4. If the member is cleared of all allegations:
      1. All previous Roles and access rights will be restored.
    5. If the member is deemed to be guilty of the infraction but it does not warrant termination:
      1. HR will confer with the Senior Managers to decide upon the appropriate penalty.
      2. The member will be informed of the penalty and their Roles and/or access rights will be restored to a level deemed appropriate.
    6. If the deemed disciplinary action is termination:
      1. The member will be given 24 hours notice to remove personal assets from any organisation-owned and/or Alliance-owned installations.
      2. Access to any private forums within the Organisation’s member forum will be revoked.
      3. Access to any Organisation out-of game tools will be revoked.
      4. Access to any Organisation communication tools will be revoked.
      5. If deemed necessary, the member will be banned from the Organisation’s member forum.
      6. Upon expiry of the 24 hour notice period:
        1. All access rights to Organisation-owned installations, including shared hangars, bases, stations etc. will be revoked.
        2. Any or all member-owned assets still residing within Organisation-owned installations will be forfeit, and will become property of the Organisation to be treated, used or disposed of as the Senior Management Team deems fit.
        3. The member will be ejected from the Organisation.
        4. If appropriate, the Alliance will be notified of the member’s termination.
  3. Fees and Taxes
    1. The Organisation reserves the right to levy taxes on all member activities, including but not limited to sales, trades, bounties and other forms of income.
    2. Taxes will be set as a percentage, which may vary depending upon the type of activity.
    3. The tax rate for an activity can be varied at any time upon a majority vote of at least 75% of the Senior Management Team, and will not take effect for at least 24 hours following an announcement made on the Organisation’s forum.
    4. Currently the Organisation has a blanket Tax of 0%.
    5. The Organisation does not currently charge DMW members fees for any activity, but reserves the right to do so at a later date.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. All rights to intellectual property, information and resources in game will pass immediately to the Organisation with or without the express permission of the member making discoveries. This includes, but is not limited to, jump points and the systems they lead to, asteroid belts, abandoned ships or wreckage, planets, moons, alien structures etc.
    2. Under no circumstances should DMW-owned IP or resources be passed to non-DMW members without the express written permission from at least 3 members of the Senior Management Team.
    3. Coordinates to newly-discovered resources and nav data for newly discovered systems must be passed, via secure means, to a member of the Senior Management Team as soon as possible following discovery. The Senior Management Team will decide what action to take with the new information including, but not limited to, selling the information on, registering the data with the Trade and Development Division of the UEE, or keeping the data secure for the benefit of the Organisation.
    4. The right to name a newly discovered system will be given to the DMW member(s) discovering the system. In this sense, ‘discovering’ is the act of successfully navigating to and from the new system. Such right is subject to a majority decision of the members involved in the discovery. ## The Senior Management Team reserve the right to veto the proposed name.
  5. Liquidation/Disbanding
    1. Liquidation or disbanding of the Organisation will be at the discretion of the CEO.
    2. Excepting some form of Force Majeure, should there be an intention to disband the Organisation:
      1. All Roles will be revoked from all members with the exception of the Board of Directors.
      2. All access rights to Organisation-owned or shared assets will be revoked from all members with the exception of the CEO.
      3. All members will be given at least 28 days notice of the intention to disband the Organisation.
      4. All Organisation-owned or shared assets will be disposed of by the CEO in any manner of his choosing including, but not limited to, gifting, selling or destroying. Any proceeds from sales will be disposed of in a similar manner.

Article III – Alliance Responsibilities

  1. Assistance
    1. Members of DMW are required to come to the aid of fellow Alliance members who are in distress or grave danger, providing that they are able to do so without subjecting themselves to serious injury.
    2. Members of DMW found to be abusing the above clause, and/or later found to have acted consistently in the wrong, shall be referred to the Senior Management team for investigation and the possible application of sanctions, including termination.
  2. Dispute Resolution
    1. Any disputes between DMW members and members of other Alliance organisations that cannot be immediately resolved by the members involved to the satisfaction of all members concerned, should be referred to the DMW member’s Division Head and/or Director of Operations at the earliest opportunity so that a diplomatic resolution can be worked out through the appropriate channels.
  3. Conflict
    1. DMW members are not permitted to take any form of aggressive action towards any member of another Alliance organisation. This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Firing on
      2. Ramming
      3. Stealing
      4. Denial of resources
      5. Scamming
      6. Misdirection for harm or profit
    2. DMW members are not permitted to take part in any operations that are known to be against, or could negatively impact, other Alliance organisations or members.
    3. Members of DMW who become aware of plans to attack another Alliance organisation are to notify any Diplomats and/or any of the Senior Management team that are available at the soonest opportunity.
  4. Joint Operations / Call To Arms
    1. DMW is required to provide manpower and resources towards Alliance-sanctioned Joint Operations. Accordingly, when such Joint Operations are agreed upon (approved by the DMW CEO), a Call To Arms (CTA) will be announced to all DMW members, and DMW members will be expected to attend the Joint Operation wherever possible.
    2. Non-attendance of CTAs by DMW members will not result in any sanctions for DMW members themselves, however it should be noted that a lack of participation by the Organisation as a whole may result in sanctions being taken by the Alliance against the Organisation.

Appendix I – Definitions

  1. Organisation
    The in-game organisation known as ‘DMW’ and ‘Dead Men Walking’.
  2. Termination / Terminated
    The act of expelling a member from the DMW organisation within game. Termination may also include revoking access to specific forums on the main DMW and, in extreme cases, expulsion from DMW altogether.
  3. NRDS
    Not Red, Don’t Shoot – the policy of never shooting anything unless it is clearly a deadly enemy.
  4. NBSI
    Not Blue: Shoot It – the policy of always being permitted to shoot at anything except friendly forces.

Appendix II – Ranks

  1. DMW follows a corporate hierarchy, consisting of a Board of Directors, which is headed up by a CEO.
  2. The DMW organisation operates across a number of disciplines with operations for each being handled by a specific Division. Each Division is headed up by a Division Head who, together with the Board of Directors, makes up DMW’s Senior Management team.
  3. The ranks afforded to DMW members are as follows:
    1. Alpha – An affiliate member that is considered friendly.
    2. Bravo – A new member that has not yet demonstrated full commitment to DMW.
    3. Charlie – A full member of DMW.
    4. Officer – A full member of DMW who has demonstrated specific skill and/or leadership in a particular discipline. They help guide other members and schedule operations pertinent to their Division for the organisation.
    5. Divisional Director – A member of the DMW Senior Management. They manage the day to day operations of a specific Division, and also help guide other members and schedule operations pertinent to their Division for the organisation.
    6. Board Director – A member of the Board of Directors. They govern policy and handle most internal issues within DMW. They ensure that Division Directors have all the tools they need for the job.