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Gathering Of Tweakers / GOT

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GoT is an organization which has its roots in the Dutch technology based community called Gathering of Tweakers. We are currently only recruiting members who have an active account on “” Feel free to join and help us shape the destiny of our group!


History GoT Organisation


GoT started out as a technology based online platform where the latest advancements in technology were discussed.


GoT were among the first to witness, Roberts Space Industries ‘Quantum Core Engine Technology’, in action.


With the release of the Zeus commercial space-ship the GoT. Inc. was founded. A small business with the goal to explore the satellites of near planets like Venus and Mars.


Two years after the successful terraforming of Mars GoT Inc. moved their base of operation to the new habitable planet in the solar system. Searching to reach further into the solar system.


With the latest advancements of Robert Space Industries on their ‘Quantum Core Engine Technology’ GoT Inc. successfully updated their current fleet of Zeus spacecraft to the latest specifications.


Years of extreme modding by the organisation on the Zeus left the spaceship capable of reaching the far edge of the solar system. This head start in exploring the fringes of space gave an substantial financial boost to the organisation.


Focussed on growth the organisation set up their first trading route between Earth and Mars.


While investigating the supposed crash site of the Goodman, the GoT. Inc. Zeus-V3.12 was lost in action. The last communications from the ship reported strange fluxes in the E.M. field around Neptune.


After discovery of the first Jump Point, the organisation quickly eloped on researching and exploring the new system which was named after the man who discovered it: Croshaw .


7 months after the successful terraforming of Croshaw System the first trade convoy of GoT Inc. went interstellar by connecting Croshaw to Sol.

In other news: Humankind was united under the banner of the UNE.


First contact was made with the Banu, after which an intergalactic peace and trade treaty was signed.


GoT Inc. commissioned a special trading fleet for trade between the Banu and Humankind. The first run of this fleet was a great success and was welcomed on both sides.


During the mass migration of people from earth GoT Inc. posed as a mass people carrier, hauling billions of souls over the next century.


The United Planets of Earth (UPE) was founded, and Terra was designated as the core world.


Nine years after the first settlers landed on Terra, GoT Inc. moved their headquarters to this new super-earth.


The Xi-An Empire was discovered, GoT Inc. was part of the exploration fleet and designation of world-terraforming. Which lead to the beginning of the cold war.


The Tevarin were discovered in one of the leeward systems. Being a martial expanding society, they wanted what the UPE had and struck first. The First Tevarin War begins.

During the First Tevarin war GoT Inc. suffered heavily. The giant trading fleet between the Banu and Earth, which had grown over the years to a backbone in the Banu-Human trade, was lost. While on their usual route with heavy escorts in the Corel-system the fleet was ambushed by the main Tevarin battlefleet.

The cargo which was lost (a tremendous amount of Black Glass and Gray Oil) almost bankrupted the organisation. Relying only on their core business of exploration and small trade in the core-words of UPE space, the organisation hit hard times.


Commander Ivan Messer hero of the First Tevarin War reformed the UPE to the United Empire of Earth (UEE). With Messer as leader of the new-found UEE the UEE ushered on into an age of unprecedented expansion and colonization.

Due to the change in leadership, corporate losses during the war did not get any financial compensation from the government in place.

During the Messer Era GoT Inc. experienced difficulties coping with the new order. Combined with the loss of several connections in high offices it became increasingly difficult to gain new contracts.


It was not until the Second Tevarin War that GoT Inc. got new small contracts in resupplying of the different battlefields.


After the Second Tevarin War ended in the final battle by Elysium IV, GoT Inc. finally regained some recognition with the UEE, and new contracts were issued.


The year of the first encounters with the Vanduul.

The exploration branch of GoT. Inc. tried to investigate the systems with reports of large Vanduul activity, in search for the Vanduul homeworld. But the vast amount of raiding bands in these system made for a difficult challenge for the exploration teams on this quest.


GoT Inc. Exploration abandons the search for the Vanduul homeworld due to the loss of several experienced squadrons.


GoT Inc. sees possibilities to create covert trade routes into Xi’An territory.


During the Vanduul attack on Bolo a single affiliated ship of the organisation was lost. Aboard this vessel, a Banu Merchantman which had survived the First and Second Tevarin wars, were several GoT Inc. councillors as well as an Xi’An representative.

Trade with the Xi’An ceased after this incident.


Due to the loss of several main characters in the organisation, it became harder to obtain good contracts. In this year GoT Inc. picks up several small contracts for delivering raw materials to Nova Kiev for Anvil Aerospace, a new organisation found on our home-world Terra.


The Imperator falls, indicating the end of the Messer Era.


Erin Toi the new Imperator calls for age of enlightenment and social consciousness. Searching for new bonds with the Xi’An, and enabling trade.


GoT Inc. gets a contract in hauling resources for the construction of the ‘Ark project’


A century of successful commerce and exploration. The organisation is in its prime years and business is good.


GoT Inc. explorers successfully navigated a new jumppoint, finding themselves in a vast space of riches. The system they discovered never really had an official name, but was called El Dorado for it’s vast amounts of expensive minerals.

Before reporting their discovery to the public the organisation sought to gather as much riches in the system for themselfs. However, in the anxiety to gather as much riches as possible, the stability of the system was never researched.

The system itself was stable enough, 4 rocky planets circling a red dwarf. However for some strange reason, just before the last squadron of ships was ready to make the jump, the jump point vanished. Erasing the possibility of a safe return for ships on the other side.

With the vast majority of it’s fleet cut off and presumed lost, the organisation has lost it’s enormous interests it had in the trade and exploration for the UEE.


With the help of private investors GoT Inc. seeks to reclaim the position it once held in the universe. Several hundreds/dozen of rogue pilots, freelancers and citizens offered their assistance in creating a new pulsing platform for trade, exploration and exploitation.



Got is a cutting edge technology oriented organisation, started as an online platform where the latest advancements in technology were discussed. From this base, the group quickly evolved into a small assembly of expert traders and explorers.

Being able to understand the technology of their ships to the core, the group is capable of pushing their ships to the very limit, squeezing just that little bit of extra out of their Tweaked components. This often gives them that much needed edge in the race to success. Using this greater understanding of technologies, the organization focuses its energy to explore new jump-points and undiscovered riches in the vastness of space.

“from ore to more”: GoT will turn basic components into the cutting edge technology you want and need!

Who can be a member of our organisation?
Anyone who is an active member of the online forums of (Gathering of Tweakers). Which you can sign up for (here).

What does Gathering of Tweakers offer?

Dutch craftsmanship in the shape of advanced body-armor, high-tech overclocked ship-parts and a mean brew named ‘jenever’’. And don’t forget the famous Dutch cheese and space-tulips! This is just a small selection of services and products available at our organization. Large trade-convoys, seasoned escort-fighters, but most of all:

A friendly player base with a common goal

Contracts, Events and Gatherings

Our organisation is very much open minded in an attempt to create a place for a lot of different ideas and mindsets. As long as a missions falls within the domain set forth by GOT a member is free to do as he or she pleases.
However, we do offer fixed contracts such as trading convoys and fighter escorts. During these occurrences there will be an extra chance for higher rewards or great contracts which are created for GOT. It is the responsibility of the council and its officers to offer new contracts, but individual members are free to suggest special contracts to the council in an attempt to get official organisational backed missions. Next to official contracts there will be plenty fun events such as Operation Pitchfork and the like in which we will participate as one large organisation. Finally there will be the opportunity to do some Earthly meetings which include nice BBQ’s and sorts.

GoT Goals

Gathering of Tweakers has multiple goals, while being a strong backbone for the members who form it. The organisation is involved in the following disciplines:

Primary disciplines

  • Exploration – the organisation seeks and gathers vast riches of the verse in terms of minerals, intelligence and wealth.
  • Protection – defending the interest of our organisation, be it trade, exploration or mining.
  • Trading – we sell our acquired cargo at the best prices in the far reaches of space.

Secondary disciplines

  • Bounty Hunting
  • Fine tuning spacecraft
  • Mining
  • Salvage

Organisation structure

The six founding council members have put in years of combined effort in setting up an active and open organisation that is open to all sorts of technology enthralled people. The six founding council members are, in alphabetical order; Batumulia, Case_C, Ircghost, Mac_Murphy, Mattie and Rescla.

There will be a [redacted] monthly vote period in which a new council will be chosen by the current members. In every active period the council will work together with the different officers to decide the course and provide contracts, events and other gatherings for active members.

Council members and officers will be barred from joining other organisations as long as they are in an active role as such. This restriction does not apply to any other member.

Organisational Income

A system will be implemented to allow the organisation to acquire ships, products and hire extra personnel. How this will be implemented (tax, donations) is still undecided at this moment, an update will be posted as soon as consensus has been reached.


Our organization follows a basic ruleset defined below.

Core Rules
  • Members need an active account on the techsite
  • Members are allowed to have affiliates besides GoT Inc., as long as those organisations goals don’t interfere with our own (such as Piracy, Raiding, Griefing).
  • GoT Inc. does not condone piracy conducted under the banner of the organization, as it could interfere with our public relations to the UEE and other organisations
  • Details about the organisation will not be shared with players outside of GoT Inc.
  • Members are expected to treat all other players with respect.
  • Members do not engage in combat unless provoked.
  • Report any immediate problems/incidents to your supervisor
  • Members and affiliates of the organisation pay a monthly fee to the organisation in order to achieve common goals.
  • The tax income from the organisation will be used to purchase ships and facilities for member usage.
  • Language used on TS channels will be primarily Dutch, except for co-op missions with international organisations.
  • Any other issues not covered in these rules will be decided by the Council.


Ranks in GoT Inc. can be earned by a combined effort of participation, donation and off course dedication to our cause. (Having fun playing, and acquisition of bigger ships)

Rank will determine the amount of rights players will have within the organisation.

Punishments Rules (only applicable if CIG puts in such a system)

Major Offence large fine + possible suspension
  • Killing GoT Inc. and allied org. members.
  • Destroying the ship of an org. member
  • Acts of piracy under GoT banners.
  • Continued annoying behaviour (griefing/trolling)
Mediocre Offense medium fine
  • Accidental killing (non-combat)
  • Stealing goods from the organisation.
  • Disobeying orders during missions (failing to carry out the order not included)
  • Acts that damage the reputation of GoT
Small Offence small fine
  • Accidental killing (during-combat/collisions etc.)