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Guardian Rescue Corps / GRCORPS

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“When all else fails, we don’t”

Enjoy Medical Gameplay? Want to help your fellow Citizens? Guardian Rescue Corps is for you!

We are a casual, light-roleplay, medical-focused org who values teamwork & philanthropy. Very new player friendly!

Join the GRC!


Guardian Rescue Corps was founded in 2950 by Marcus ‘Zeoran’ Tillgreen an ex-UEE Navy Lieutenant who spent years on the front lines of the Vanduul war as a combat medic.

After serving many years and seeing many patients suffer because help didn’t arrive in time due to miscommunication & bureaucracy, Marcus decided to take things into his own hands.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the UEE Navy, he used his mothers contacts within Orison General and his fathers contacts within Crusader Industries to form an elite combat rescue unit, the Guardian Rescue Corps.

From the beginning, the GRC has been dedicated to the old Earth paramedics motto: “That others may live”. A motto that all who join the GRC must take to heart as the corps never fails to revive a client. The GRC handles calls from all across the Stanton system, from stranded injured cargo pilots to UEE Advocate agents downed in combat situations. Marcus believes that all citizens are worthy of elite medical care and the corps follows its main creed: When all else fails, we don’t.


While founded by a UEE Navy veteran, the Guardian Rescue Corps (GRC) is registered as a civilian organization based on an internal military structure.

We aim to provide medical aid and services to all citizens in the ‘verse whenever required, FREE of charge.
We also go the extra mile in our service, then go another mile after that!
In order to archive this at any time needed, our personnel are well-trained & equipped to handle various situations, hazards and threats to ensure the safety and successful treatment of citizens in need of medical aid.

The Guardian Rescue Corps maintains the conviction that every resident, regardless of their affiliation or criminal record, has the right to receive medical aid and services at any given time.

However, to ensure the safety of our personnel and everyone involved, we do not provide medical aid nor services to citizens who have received a record in our blacklist database.

Blacklist entries can be received for the following reasons:
- Using Medical Beacons as a bait
- Harming our medical personnel during a rescue or harming other citizens who are not part of our organization during a rescue (e.g. shooting at them)
- Creating fake Beacons
- Inappropriate behavior against our medical personnel on active duty
- Abusing Medical Beacons for non-medical situations

We’re mostly based in the PST time zone!
Our Discord server:


Our public organization rules
1. We only engage in combat to defend ourselves and/or our clients in need of medical aid
2. We will provide medical aid and services to anyone, anywhere, FREE of charge
3. We treat everyone equally and expect the same for us
4. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior against our personnel nor from our personnel
5. We always go the extra mile, then another one after that!
6. We do not provide medical aid and services to citizens who have received an entry in our Blacklist Database

Our community rules
Those rules apply to all community spaces such as the Discord server and Spectrum page.

1. Be respectful
Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do not insult, harass or harm other community members in any way, shape or form.

2. No Politics
After all, we are all part of an awesome game, and we are here to have fun. We do not tolerate nor do we host political debates about real-life events.

3. Don’t spam
This should be self-explanatory. Do not spam in channels, threads or the Spectrum page.

4. Privacy is important
Do not post personal or any other information that you do not want made public, and respect the privacy of other members.

5. Be a legal member
We do not tolerate the participation, suggesting or encouraging of illegal activities, this includes both real-life (all members) and in Star Citizen to violations against Star Citizen’s terms of use.

6. Stay on topic
We have different channels for different topics and a such comments, questions and contributions should be relevant to this topic.

Any violations against our organization or community rules can result in the immediate termination of a member.

We’re mostly based in the PST time zone!
Our Discord server: