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Mercury Rising / MERCRISING

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We are a small group of friends who specialise in trade & industry, but also include careers in exploration, escort combat, security and many others. If you feel like you have what it takes to join us, get in touch at today.


Mercury Rising was formed in 2945 as a small rag-tag group of individuals working together to seek all the fame and riches that space has to offer.

So far our adventures have yet to begin, but until then we are working to build the right crew of people to dedicated workers who are enthusiastic about our plans and share our long term goals in a variety of areas.

We have already purchased a wide selection of ships, some of which we have already accepted delivery of and are waiting in our hangar, however many of them are due for delivery in the near future. While we wait for the manufactures to launch these new ships and the UEE to grant our licenses to operate beyond the Crusader sector of the Stanton system, we have been running team-building exercises with our current ships to build familiarity, establish roles, and operate as a unified team.

Between 2934 & 2939 some members of our organisation were part of the successful Murray Cup Electronic Access team operating under the name of Mercury Racing, with success in endurance racing in particular, since then we have had members fight on the battlefield with successful tours with the UEE’s 34th Dice platoon, before serving with Sq42 on the front lines and are now preparing to settle down and head out into the universe with us once again.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
— Confucius


About Mercury Rising

While we are only a small organisation, we have large goals. The following is a statement of our intentions for our organisation in the future as well as our current commitment to achieving those goals.


The following are just a selection of careers which we intent to take part in:

  • Trading & Industry – Hauling, Mining, Salvage & Fuel Harvesting.
  • Exploration – Discovery, Exploration, Information Gathering & Selling.
  • Combat – Escorting, Bounty Hunting, Security.
  • Racing

We are committed to building a successful organisation and enjoying the riches that come with it, however we are also eager to support the UEE’s both on the front line, having recently served with the UEE Marines SQ42 unit, but also with supply requests to ensure planets needs are met.

Our Mission Plan

The overall goal is to go out and have fun while attempting to become one of the best small org’s in the universe.
Through good teamwork we hope to create efficient and effective squadrons for the different career paths we intent do cover, putting each individuals talents to work while also training & mentoring others the various roles required to allow everyone the opportunity to try different roles while also create redundancy plans when others are unavailable or in emergency situations.

We aim to purchase a wide selection of ships to allow us to effectively undertake any task we wish to take on, we currently have a good selection of industry leading ships to achieve many of our goals, our fleet currently contains each of the following: MISC Hull-C, RSI Orion, Aegis Reclaimer, MISC Starfarer, Anvil Carrack, Anvil Super-Hornet as well as a wide range of smaller crafts.

In the future, we will be seeking mutually beneficial partnerships in some areas where it proves beneficial to work with others, as well as undertaking some tasks ourselves. With this in mind, we want to establish ourselves as an efficient and capable team able to undertake tasks and complete them without unnecessary complications and in a speedy time frame.

Joining Mercury Rising

New members are welcome, however we ask that you contact us through our website


Core Values

Law-abiding – We are a law abiding organisation with a respectable image to protect, if you want to partake in criminal activities, you would need to do these under the banner of another organisation.

Teamwork – We are a small organisation, teamwork is essential. You will of course be able to do things on your own if you wish, but getting involved and joining others will be beneficial, and this works both ways – if you want to do something and want help, you’ll likely find others who are willing to join you.

Friendly – We expect people to be friendly and sensible, whether this is in game-chat, forums, on voice communications, or in through game activity.

Ambitious – We want people who are ambitious and want to help us achieve our goals.

Professionalism – We want people who take their position seriously and try to do their best, it doesnt mean we cant enjoy ourselves and have fun, but there will be times when having fun is encourage, and times when we’ll be trying to be organised and professional.

Respectable – We expect members to be respect the requests of the org leaders.

Flexible – We allow all members work commitments to be flexible to suit your needs. If you’re going to be unavailable for a long period of time, it isnt a problem, however it would be appreciated if we could be notified.

Ship Sharing

It is our intention to build a collection of ships which will be used regularly, and make them available to our members. Some of the ships may be restricted access, such as a Carrack, because its unlikely that it’d make sense to go out with one if there wasnt another suitably ranked member to join you or approve access, however if we had the ability to buy a 2nd Carrack, then one could be kept restricted while the other is available to most members.
As we grow, we should be able to buy any ships we dont already have available, and it becomes beneficial to us all.

The org leaders will be adding their own ships to the collective pool for others to use appropriately, and we would encourage members to do the same.


As a small org, we will be looking to implement a tax solution which benefits the growth of the organisation, allowing us to pool funds. As we know more about the options available to us, we’ll implement a system of taxation which is fair but beneficial, if possible we would like to implement 2 tax levels on profits:
Low Tax – This would be the standard taxed amount on solo or minor activities, if you’re out making a bit of money for yourself then thats perfectly fine, and we’d just look to implement a small tax (approx 5-10%) to help.
Higher Tax – This would be mainly for coordinated activities, missions where we would work together to complete a high paying job, most likely using org owned equipment. An example being going out and mining an asteroid with a couple of fighters, or going out with a combat fleet to wipe out a high-value target in nulsec space. These activities would be taxed a larger amount (approx 20-40%), mainly to take advantage of the opportunity of having many people available and make large strides forward.

We would like to tax aggressively (as above), but its more likely we’ll start with a low amount and assess its impact, putting the emphasis on members contributing to the org funds whenever possible, without simply taking it out of your pocket and leaving you no choice. As the org builds up its fleet it’s likely the taxation can be more relaxed, the intention is to encourage early growth and acquire any ships we might need but dont already have, and the funds will be used to benefit the org itself.

Benefits of org taxes & ship sharing .

There are numerous reasons why taxation is beneficial:
Faster growth – By pooling our funds, we can expand the fleet much easier, covering any gaps which member owned ships dont cover.
Better suited ships – If we are able to purchase say 8 Super-Hornets, we can spec them in pairs for specified needs, such as heavy hitters, stealth/low signature, immobilisers etc.
Better availability – If we own one Starfarer and it gets blown up and theres a wait involved before insurance arrives, its obviously beneficial having a backup available. Also, if someone has taken it out to do a mission, theres still another.
Better efficiency – If a new member joins, we can put them into a capable ship early on, rather than having an ‘everyone for themselves’ attitude and them only having a starter ship. Having more capable ships & systems should make our missions more profitable.

Profit Sharing

We will be looking to implement balanced profit sharing with members, so that whatever your involvement, you receive a fair amount of the profits made. One such example would be going out with a group of fighters to remove pirates from the area, and having a salvage crew mop up the wreckage afterwards. Fighters would then be reimbursed for damages, fuel, replenishing ammo, and then receive a portion of the profits from selling the salvaged scrap metal and any unwanted systems still in a working state.
Another example could be discovering a new asteroid field as a fighter, if you find something that is profitable to others then we’ll be looking to ensure that you get a cut of our profits, rather than selling the information publicly to make money.