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Synchronizerz / SYNCH

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Synchronizerz was founded in June 2016, as a global org from all countries and time zones.

Our goal is to achieve something that can not be done in real life: No matter which nationality, religion, political interest or gender – we work together as a big tight knit team with one objective: Providing everything our members need from within the organization itself. No one needs to go out in the cold darkness of the ‘verse alone unprotected to whatever they may face out there. In Synchronizerz we have everything that is necessary to achieve your goals and enjoy a high quality of life. Here you have a homebase of trusted people working together on a great project.

Synchronizerz strives to be more than a group of random people. We integrate new members, get to know each other personally and most of all, we play together as a community. We focus on the individual skills of members without picking on weaknesses. We are all here to enjoy our time together and get better. We believe that bringing together individual skills will make us stronger as a whole and everyone here will benefit from the combined strengths of this community. The ambition and effort our people put in to this organization will achieve great things. Join us now!

Synchronizerz is active in ALL aspects of the Star Citizen Universe
(except piracy)

Everyone in this Organization can play a role or just casual play with support of the members. You will never have to fight alone in the ‘verse again and as a global org we are active 24/7. You will not be abandoned or helpless as you mine, explore, or make a cargo run. Ask for support.

No matter your motivations, be it a drive for success, or a desire for socializing, you will find a home here.

Departments and detailed Ranks and Roles
- It´s your choice as a citizen of the stars!

We are organized into multiple primary departments: Military, Business & Resources, Science & Exploration, Public Relations (eSports, streaming..) and Delegacy (Embassy, Senate…). Synchronizerz are free to participate in one, or all of them. You choose the path of your Star Citizen life.

Originating from all corners of Earth, Synchronizerz isn’t just a simple organization; it’s a mind-set – a call to action – all departments, all members, synchronized in our focus toward mutual success.

We WILL leave our mark on the entire Universe.

Competitive Gameplay

For the more hardcore competitive player (when the gameplay is available/stable) we offer opportunities to improve in Arena Commander, Star Marine and Racing endeavors – participating often in Jump Town, Siege of Orison, Xeno Threat events. Be sure to sign up for a regular events to practice and hone your skills in flight/ground PvP or various aspects of PvE – bunker clears, salvaging, medical gameplay, etc. We are better together!

Just two years after the renowned F7C Hornet fighter was released by Anvil Aerospace, brought about the beginning of the organization. Established on the planet of New Terra, our current Chairman and Founder Warbot saw a vision of what would later be known as the Synchronizerz.

Early Years
The early years of the organization started out with just a few transport ships and members operating the select few shipping routes that the larger transport companies didn’t risk running. While running these missions often meant traveling high risk routes with a zero percent chance of receiving UEE military aid if there was any pirates along the way, the organization decided that the only way to maintain a reasonably profit margin was to run the high risk high reward routes where competition was little.

Growth and Expansion
One day while running a mission transporting food and basic living necessities to a colony in the Fora System on the planet of Hyperion on the border of the UEE, an organization pilot noticed a small blip on the radar screen of his freelancer. Deciding that a small detour off the current heading would not strain his fuel supply, he changed direction and headed into an asteroid field. While he was flying towards the tiny blip, he didn’t see anything where the blip was supposed to be. Upon closer inspection, he saw that there was a mining tracker embedded deep within a small drill hole. He looked at the clock and saw that there was still plenty of time before he had to check in at the next waypoint. So he decided to put on his spacesuit and fly to the beacon for a closer look. As he made his way over to the beacon, he started to notice the walls around the hole light up a neon blue. When he saw the tell-tale shimmer of a special radioactive substance used by all ship manufacturers to make their engines, he knew he hit the jackpot. So he made his way back to the ship and immediately did a tightbeam message through the comms back to Synchronizerz HQ on New Terra. Luckily Warbot was still at the office at that particular time and was able to receive and read the message. After reading, he immediately told the lucky organization pilot to empty his cargo bay and load as much of the substance from the cave as possible onto his freelancer and head straight back to HQ. Warbot then directed all available ships in the region to head to that location to pick-up as much of the substance as they can. This was known famously as the Fora Run which brought about the rise of the economic might and influence of the Synchronizerz Organization.

Present Day
A year after the Fora Run, the Synchronizerz Organization has grown tremendously with its own Military, and Science Divisions operating alongside the original Business Division. With its larger economic and military might, the Synchronizerz have grown into an intergalactic power.


De Cosmos Et Terra – Synchronized We Rise
The Synchronizerz Organization represents an all-around organization that prioritizes economic strength and military dominance within the universe. Providing its members a unified front and to be a part of a brotherhood that will accomplish great things together, this is our Mandate. This is your call.

This is your Virtual Life. Do with it, what makes you happy.
Define what success means to you, and then go get it.
Explore. Discover. Conquer. Make your Galactic Fortune. Be your own hero.
Live. Laugh. Enjoy every last minute of your time in the Verse.
If you don’t enjoy it, stop what you are doing. Sell your ship.
Trust your instincts. Buy one that lets you find a new path to enjoyment.
Follow your passion. It knows where to lead you, and what you need to accomplish.
Most people never achieve a fraction of what they are meant to do.
You are capable of so much more than you are aware of.
We will do everything we can to help you realize your potential.
The Verse is vast and full of wonderous things. Open your mind to new experiences.
Discover new friends within the Organization.
Share your Star Citizen dreams and passions to inspire each other.
Travel the Verse together…often…and share the wonders you have seen with others.
Be here for the Organization, and we will be here for you.
If you are lost, we will find you. If you are attacked, we will defend you.
When you are in over your head, we will pull you up.
If you need help, we will be there to lend a hand.
Life is about what you, and those you associate with, create in this world, and the Verse.
We are global organization, a Galactic Brotherhood.
We are united despite our differences, Synchronized, towards a common goal.
We are the Synchronizerz, and this is our Manifesto.


Our Charter – The Synchronizerz Constitution