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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Syndicate / SYND

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Everyone dreams of a life without limitation. We make it come true.
Do not fear consequence.


There’s no time like the Present.


Lay down your Chains, step out from your Cages, escape your Confinement, and with us be Free.


The Codex

We agree to our code of conduct under which describe our Articles of Agreement; we refer to it as the Codex.
These principles included should help guide our behavior to pursue the interests of ourselves and Our Group in every challenge.

I. No Harm for No Profit

Efficient and Economic reasoning motivate our actions in our strive to succeed. We agree that Everybody, whether Syndicated or not, will be treated with equal respects as any of our fellows, as these Citizens may one day be our Colleagues. Thus we try to keep casualties low and offenses concentrated in our benefit. Proficiency is one of our trademarks.

II. Men of Integrity

An Honest Man’s Word is as good as his Bond, and a Deal is a Deal. We keep our end of the Bargain in any agreement we sign or join to and are reliable Partners to our Allies. Liars and Cheats are judged and sentenced by Peers available and willing in the moment, and counted to our Jury’s Majority; rulings are delayed only for Obligations.

III. Carry the Water, Cast a Shadow

Authority runs parallel to Achievement. We listen to the Active, the Alive, the Sanguinary, and the Aggressive. We heed the warnings of the Perceptive and the Devious. When our attentions are held by the Tenacious, our designs dragged by the Relentless, our network forged by the Daring, our capital defended by the Jealous, and our might managed by the Cunning, are our Minds focused on our Dominance. The Idle may try to Talk, but their Words are not heard.

IV. Silence in Violence

We spread Information for our own Entertainment. They are not announcements for our benefit, nor do we boast for our Reputations. However, there comes the moment when Entertainment concedes to the Necessities of Conflict. It is the same moment we lower our Voice; the moment Words become Air, we Talk with our Hands.

V. Patience is a Decision

The right path is almost never the first one you think. Calm and Patience are our virtues. Reaction is the response of the Weak; Proactivity is the direction we follow. No plan lacks alternatives, no scheme ignores options, no strategy neglects scenarios, no arrangement forgets purpose, no proposition goes unchallenged, and no pattern is ignored. The March forward may pause, but it never reverses.

VI. Wisdom Evades Misfortune

Information shows the Truth. Knowledge is the recognition of which Information contains the Truth. Wisdom is how we use Knowledge to foresee. Misfortune is the failure of foresight. Prosperity is the intersection of Wisdom and Opportunity.

VII. Disputes are Distractions

We play a Game to have fun together. We can dissent, and disagree, and differ in every opinion. But here, where our freedom to play how we like is nearly an absolute, these disputes serve only as time wasted. When two or more Colleagues cannot show patience and understanding with one another then we cannot cooperate as a team. Thus, we agree to be Adults in every room. Where we fail in this endeavor, our Peers arbitrate for us.