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Standalone Ship - Drake Kraken Privateer - IAE 2949

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Drake Interplanetary is partnering with Cousin Crows Custom Craft to redefine interstellar commerce. The Kraken Privateer is the ultimate mobile frontier outpost, trading in its traditional cargo bay for a versatile retail platform boasting room for 10 separate shops. Build your own commercial empire or rent out space to other determined industrialists. The Privateer lets you carve out your own niche in the galaxy, your own way.

This 2949 IAE edition comes with an exclusive Lifetime insurance contract.

$2,000.00 USD
Sold out
  • Contains

    • Kraken Privateer
    • Lifetime Insurance
    • VFG Industrial Hangar
    • This is not a GAME PACKAGE. Please note a GAME PACKAGE is required to play the game and fly or access your ships.
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