RSI Aurora

The Aurora is the modern day descendant of the Roberts Space Industries X-7 spacecraft which tested the very first jump engines. Utilitarian to a T, the Aurora is the perfect beginner’s ship: what it lacks in style it makes up for in ample room for upgrade modules. Most pilots move up from an Aurora as quickly as their credit accounts allow… but a select few regard flying this venerable spacecraft as a badge of honor!

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What would you pay for the universe?

To some it’s just a ship. It’s a frame of molded metal. It’s wires. A power plant. To the engineers at Roberts Space Industries, it’s so much more. They understand what a ship means. It’s that moment where you settle into the pilot seat for the first time and the engine hums to life, waiting for you to tell it where to go. In that moment, all the vastness of space is at your fingertips, hungry to be explored.

Space is yours.

From the cockpit, along every hardpoint, the 2943 Aurora was designed with the pilot in mind.While larger ships allow the freedom to avoid design decisions, smaller ones can fail because of them. For that reason, our engineers spent years exploring every possible combination of structural design and building material to create the most flexible, durable modular ship system ever released.

Exercise your imagination…

Getting out and taking a look around has never been so easy! Whether you’re pulling into the busiest port in the galaxy or landing on a distant world never before visited by Humans, the standard C12a Docking Ring has you covered. Heavy plexiclear windows give you a good look at the galaxy and a built-in decontamination (x-ray) spray system will keep the nastiest microbes off your ship. The C12a is fully compatible with Roberts Space Industries’ entire line of starships and meets the standard docking requirements for all United Empire of Earth and Xi’An ports.