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Patch notes

Star Citizen Patch v1.1.1




  • Added the ability to toggle ‘target focus’ mode (Hotkey: L) after a ship is given permission to land
  • Added version control support to the custom control bindings in order to prevent control conflicts
  • Players can now solve issues where their characters get stuck by opening the console (~), typing in stuck, and hitting enter to respawn the character
  • Added server side improvements to help with some causes of the infinite loading screens
  • Added backend support to allow for adjusting REC totals differently for each game mode
  • Added [Left Alt] keybinding to toggle turret control between two modes (Turret Head Tracking On/Off)

  • Implemented Ejection Audio for the 300i
  • Implemented Ejection Audio for the Hornet
  • Added basic Multiplayer turret functionality to Super Hornet F7C-M
  • Implemented Ejection Audio for the M50
  • Gladiator is now flight ready
  • Added basic Multiplayer turret functionality to Gladiator
  • Added basic Multiplayer turret functionality to Cutlass

User Interface
  • Added landing mode activation and score board viewing to the default controls images for the gamepad
  • Added a custom keybinding option for ESP toggle
  • Added a custom keybinding option to allow toggling between Lag Pips and Lead Indicators



  • Tweaked Vanduul Swarm Coop REC amount per wave
  • Pilots with lower score relative to the average contribute less to the REC pool
  • Added audio for Vanduul dropping out of warp

  • Adjusted Aegis ship AI collision warning based on community feedback
  • Adjusted Avenger health to correct phantom health issue
  • Adjusted power plant explosion color to match thruster color for Gladius
  • Added ladder animation updates for the Retaliator
  • Adjusted rotational thrust on the Mustang Delta and Mustang Beta
  • Updated Weapon Hard-points on Aurora to reflect brochure specs (2x S1 and 2x S2 guns)

  • Balance pass on Sledge 2: Reduced ROF from 125 to 60. Increased Power and Heat pershot to 50. Adjusted Power Regen and Cooling to 25
  • Updated Shields on Gladius to reflect brochure specs (S2 to S3 max shield)
  • Reduced overall Sledge Rail ammo damage from 140 to 70

User Interface
  • Updated the color of the leaderboard so that it can be seen more easily against bright backgrounds
  • Updated controller and joystick images to include landing prompts

  • Updated lighting in Revel & York hangar
  • Camera is now forced into first person mode when using the Holotable
  • Adjusted spawn position for some of the flair ship models in all hangars


(PTU) – Denotes an issue from the PTU that was fixed


  • Fix to allow the ability to adjust virtual joystick curves and relative mode sensitivity
  • Fix for the public-facing “pp_rebindKeys export” command
  • Fixed an issue where the Warthog HOTAS had conflicting keybindings for landing mode and strafe right
  • Fixed an issue where the throttle would reset itself if a ship boosted before throttling up
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator camera would rapidly jump around if a dead character was the last client left in a match
  • Fixed an issue where strafing would break while traveling at max speed
  • Fixed an issue where Matchmaker would match more clients into a game mode than the instance allows
  • Fixed an issue where the game may crash when loading into a Multiplayer Game Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a combination of sprinting and shaking the mouse can cause the character to clip through a number of game objects
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting and jumping into walls will sometimes cause the character to fall out of the game world
  • Fixed an issue where players were prevented from connecting to a server
  • Fix for cockpit audio continuing to play after self destructing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause G-Force simulation to get out of sync with Black-Out/Red-Out visual effects
  • Fixed an issue where a client crash occurred after kicking a player from the lobby (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a client crash occurred when exiting to the hangar while in an Arena ** Commander game mode (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where crosshair elements of the HUD became stuck based on your starting position upon initialization (PTU)

  • Standardized look pose range of motion across all ships
  • Fixed missing audio for various ship HUD elements
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 300 series ships to drop out and back in when ejecting
  • Avenger can no longer equip the Tigerstreik to its wingslot hard-points
  • Fix for entering the back seat of the Gladiator playing the animation for entering the front seat
  • Fixed animations for entering the Gladiator (PTU)
  • Fixed Gladiator damage states detaching clean sections of the ship rather than showing damaged innards (PTU)
  • Fix for Gladiator’s landing gear remaining deployed while in flight (PTU)
  • Fix for inability to look up to aim in the Gladiator’s Co-pilot Turret (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where of the Gladiator’s primary thrusters will fail upon respawn (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the pilot retained control in the Gladiator when another player entered the manned turret (PTU)
  • Fix for the stuttering sound that played and persisted through respawn after ejecting from a Gladiator (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a Gladiator Co-pilot lacks functionality and can become stuck if the pilot ejects from the ship (PTU)
  • Fixed Gladius Ship Status Hologram from displaying corrupt textures
  • Gladius can no longer equip the Scorpion to its wingslot hard-points
  • Fix for inability to lock onto targets in the F7C-M Super Hornet’s Co-pilot Turret (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a Super Hornet F7C-M’s co-pilot was able to shoot and kill the pilot from the co-pilot/turret seat (PTU)
  • Fix for the stuttering sound that played and persisted through respawn after ejecting from a Super Hornet F7C-M (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where seats in the back of the Cutlass were not animating when activated
  • Fixed an issue where the Cutlass pilot chair stayed centered after landing (PTU)
  • Cutlass landing gear is retracted while in the hangar (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the beds in the Retaliator could not be interacted with in the crew quarters

  • Fixed countermeasure active dialogue being fired on ship respawn
  • Fixed an issue where turrets could not be re-equipped after being removed from a ship
  • Fixed an issue where Tigerstreik bullet impacts were not causing bullet hole effects

User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where the ping value was not updating in DFM modes
  • Fixed an issue where score bar UI elements were displayed in Multiplayer Free Flight
  • Fixed redundant message spam after player death
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard REC column only appeared for Aurora pilots after death
  • Fixed an issue where a control profile could not be exported a second time
  • Fixed an issue where multiple exports with the same name could exist in the Control Profiles list
  • Power Throttle is now functional and can be modified using the +/- keys on the numpad, or by holding down the left mouse button after pressing [Home]
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard could not be opened when in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where the contact name text field could not be edited more than once (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the Contact List did not refresh with updated adds or removes until the game was reloaded (PTU)

  • Fixed crate clipping through column in Self Land central hangar bay
  • Control panel in Self Land connecting doors between bays now renders properly
  • Fix for geometry issue on support column in Self Land
  • Fixed flickering passcode pad in Self Land hangar
  • Fixed minor flair graphical and placement issues in the Asteroid hangar
  • Fixed wall flickering issue in Aeroview
  • Fixed minor graphical issues with the Sim Pod
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s left hand would be flipped when driving the buggy
  • Fixed some issues that were causing interacting with the Holotable to be difficult when standing in specific locations
  • M50 holotable model now displays the main thrusters in the correct location
  • Fixed missing wall collision in the upper level of the Revel & York hangar (PTU)

Known Issues:


  • Gameplay divergence can cause situations where it appears like a ship is being hit but not taking damage, when the shots are actually missing the ship
  • Weapons fire can appear offset from weapon muzzle when fired while moving
  • Combustion Pistol cannot be equipped
  • Entering or exiting a ship will cause other clients to see the character T-pose
  • Characters rolling while prone is not seen by other clients
  • Characters will sometimes fail to animate correctly when exiting the pilot seat after
  • Decoupled mode is sometimes not disabled when taking off from a landing pad preventing ship movement (press [Caps Lock] to disable it)
  • Character will occasionally spawn in as a pair of eyes
  • Client crash may occur when pressing ‘x’ to respawn after the pilot is killed by flying into an asteroid
  • Interacting with various elements of a lobby has a chance of causing a client crash for invited players
  • Unable to exit the cockpit if one of a ship’s landing gear is missing
  • Inverted controls do not work in default turret camera view

  • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
  • Multiple ships will sometimes tilt back when landing on landing platforms
  • Weapons impacting shields playing incorrect impact audio
  • 300i does not have boost VFX for its main thrusters
  • Ladder causes the 300i to wobble once landed
  • Aurora intakes are not displaying paint
  • Equipping Longswords on an Aurora’s bottom hardpoints will cause the ship to wobble once landed due to excess collision on the weapons
  • Missile racks are not appearing in the holotable when an Aurora is selected
  • Avenger has some doors that cannot be opened in multiplayer
  • Gladiator Look Reticle/Crosshair is sometimes missing upon respawn, cycling camera views will usually correct this
  • Gladius damage states are detaching clean sections of the ship rather than showing damaged innards
  • All Hornets are missing a pipe on the main thruster
  • The M50’s starboard wheel briefly detaches itself from its strut when being deployed during landing
  • Cutlass isn’t attaching its Trireme thrusters for its default loadout
  • Cutlass Trireme thrusters are not able to be attached in the holotable (this will be left this way until they are ready for use)
  • Character is sunk into the seat when sitting in the Cutlass Blue and Red
  • Cutlass Blue’s top turret is missing
  • There will sometimes be an invisible block of collision in the cargo area of the Cutlass after landing the ship
  • Killing a Cutlass will sometimes not award kill credit on the scoreboard
  • Cutlass shots fired are not in sync when there is a player in the pilot seat and the turret seat
  • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
  • Freelancer Main Thrusters are missing
  • Character can get stuck inside a Freelancer’s hull above its right landing gear
  • Multiple objects in the Retaliator are missing use prompts
  • Retaliator maneuvering thrusters are not in landing mode when in the hangar

  • User folder issues can cause weapon ammunition to go missing as well as other ship component malfunctions
  • Rattler Cluster missile second stage rockets will all use the same trajectory
  • Missiles aren’t inheriting velocity from the ship that launches them
  • Seal Corporation shield generators will not be visible when equipped to Hornets
  • Weapon trail trajectories are inconsistent for targets that aren’t being looked at resulting in game divergence
  • Thrusters cannot be deactivated in power management

User Interface
  • Lag pips will drop out with increased distance depending on how quickly a ship is approaching their target (only happens within a few hundred meters)
  • Shield hardpoint in the holotable is too small for Mustangs and 300 series
  • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
  • Multiple in game items and ships are missing text and are displaying their internal names
  • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholders
  • Loading back into a lobby will reset the ship selection to its default (sometimes this doesn’t happen visually but still happens on the backend)
  • Holding tab while ship’s HUD initializes causes the HUD’s score screen to default ‘On’

  • There are several locations in the hangars where the character can fall out of the world
  • Thorshu Grey space crab does not have animations

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