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Roberts Space Industries ®

Well that certainly was intense, wasn’t it? Another Ship Showdown is in the books, with more thrills, chills, spills, and property damage bills than probably ever before. Or at very least a comparable amount of all those things. We saw some old favorites returning to the tournament after extended absences, witnessed perennial Showdown faces lose to some surprising opponents, and stood in awe as an utterly dominant Drake rookie class nearly ran the brackets. Ultimately it did come down to Drake-on-Drake violence, with two of those rookies battling all the way to the final, and the Corsair edging out the Vulture to claim the ultimate prize and prove it truly has the heart of the people. Raise up a flagon of rum and discharge your firearm into the air, Corsair boosters, the day is yours.

The top four ships will receive a limited edition paint option and an in-game poster, which will be distributed to all owners of these ships during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo later this year. The Corsair will be available to free fly until September 30th to give everyone time to experience the glory of this years Ship Showdown champion.

We thank you for your votes, your time, and your enthusiasm. We’ll see you all next year. Until then, fly safe.