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Have spacecraft, will travel. This game package includes the state-of-the-art Constellation, a multi-person spacecraft that’s nothing like anything you’ve ever flown in a space sim! Crew it with an AI gunner or invite your friends along as you embark into a bold new universe…

This package is the former Rear Admiral pledge.

$275.00 USD
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This Package Contains:

RSI Constellation
Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Starting Hangar: Deluxe
Hangar level
Also Contains
Starting Money:10,000 UEC
6 Month Insurance
Deluxe Silver Collector's Box
Spaceship-shaped USB Drive
CD of Game Soundtrack
Glossy Fold-up Star Map
5 Spaceship Blueprints
3 Inch Model of Spaceship
Hardback Making-of Star Citizen
Beta Access
Digital Star Citizen Manual
Squadron 42 Digital Download
Star Citizen Digital Download