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November 3rd 2012

Poll: Additional Stretch Goals

Poll: Additional Stretch Goals

As we enter the last two weeks of the pledge campaign, we’re continuing to look at ways to make sure Squadron 42 and Star Citizen are the game you want to play. To that end, we’re preparing to roll out a more comprehensive set of stretch goals… and, as usual, we would like the community’s input. What do YOU think we could plan to add to our campaign?

One big topic we’ve seen discussed is support for additional platforms: OSX, LInux and the like. Because of how CryENGINE 3 works we don’t yet know if this will be possible… but we’d like to know how strong an interest there is! If this is a deciding factor for you, select that option in the poll to let us know which platform you’d like to see supported below.

Localization seems to be another big request. We plan to launch the game in English, French, Spanish and German and support further options as time goes on… but would it help to see the game offered in additional languages? If so, which languages do you think should be added first?

Other options include more ‘rewards’ for players (ships, upgrades, credits, etc.), more gameplay modes and a bigger game world.  An enhanced FPS mode would give you more options for the boarding actions (more weapons, customizable armor, deeper mechanics.) A tactical mode could allow capital ship crews to oversee fighters engaged in battle. Obviously those all sound great… but which is the most important?

Finally, possibly the most important option on this poll is “other”: please, tell us YOUR idea for possible stretch goals!

Please select your top three options!

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