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Hangar Module

We’re proud to present the Hangar Module!

Welcome to your first step into the Star Citizen universe! With this early release you will be able to walk around your pledge ship for the very first time. Your Hangar will evolve to become your home base as Star Citizen comes together and we’re excited to allow backers this early look.

Please remember that this is an extremely early build intended as a reward for our dedicated backers. The QA process has only just begun; many bugs have yet to be ironed out and many features will be added in future revisions. Please report any issues in the Hangar Bug Report Forum.

Hangar module FAQ

What is the Hangar Module?

The Hangar Module is a standalone release that reveals where players will store their ships and collected items. Keep in mind that this is a very early pre-alpha release. Much of what you see and experience will change as the game continues to be developed.

What do I need to access the Hangar Module?

To access the Hangar Module one will need an RSI account and a pledge package which includes a ship, some credits and access to the full game.

If I only have an add-on ship would I be able to access the Hangar?

Access to the Hangar requires a package that includes game access. If you only have an add-on ship and not a package with game access, you would not be eligible to access the Hangar.

Does my package need to indicate alpha access to be eligible for access to the Hangar?

Alpha access is not required for access to the Hangar however alpha access will be required for access to early versions of the dog fighting module which is scheduled as a later release.

What is the minimum package requirement to be able to access the Hangar?

The minimum package requirement would be the Aurora MR package. It can be purchased in the store for $45. Note that alpha access to the dog fighting module is not included in that particular package.

How will I obtain access to the Hangar Module?

The Hangar will be loaded through the launcher. You can find the launcher download on the following link:

What types of hangars are there?

The hangar comes in four variants : SelfLand is the base hangar, then Aeroview, Revel & York and finally the Asteroid VFG Industrial hangar.

Will I be able to upgrade my hangar to a higher tier?

Yes the option to upgrade your hangar is available in the store.

Will I be able to invite friends into my hangar?

The ability to invite friends to your hangar will not be available for the first release.

Is there a limit to items stored in your hangar?

Your hangar comes with 5 bays that can each display up to 3 small ships, or 1 medium or large ship. Except for the Asteroid VFG Hangar, whose central bay can only display 1 small or medium ship instead.

If we lose or gift our ships, will our hangar then be reduced in tier level?

Prior to the official game release, if you lose or gift a ship your hangar may reduce in size. Purchasing an upgrade will lock your hangar to at least the size of the purchased upgrade.

Where can I report issues or bugs I find while running the Hangar Module?

To report bugs or issues you may find with the Hangar Module, please post in the Hangar bug report forum found here:

Where will my hangar be located in the ‘verse?

Your hangar will be physically located at your particular starting location which you will be able to select at a later date.