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Welcome to Ironstar Industries, we are a freelancing corporation that does maintenance, logistics, building, and resource gathering.

Feel free to look around and don’t be afraid to apply today!


A man called Samuel Arinborne established a small business under the name “Ironstar Mechanics” in 2653 regarding the 2125 Mars tragedy his father told him as a bedtime story to frighten him into never messing anything up. At the age of 36, Samuels’s son Alin Arinborne inherited the business and his father’s crucible in 2689 when he passed away. Business flourished for many years until it was then passed onto Kelvin Arinborne in 2752 who bought an Orion because he got tired of dealing with the constant change in prices for the materials to sustain the crucible’s needs. Generation to generation the family business was passed onward increasing in numbers until it ultimately ended up in the hands of a woman named Lauren Arinborne. In 2934 Lauren renamed the now corporation to “Ironstar Industries” when the family decided they wanted to go into the construction business. So here they are together putting themselves to work to buy a pioneer and start a new branch in their business.


Hello and welcome to Ironstar Architectures! We are a freelancing corporation that specializes in maintenance, construction, and resource gathering.
We’re a new community that welcomes new and experienced players alike as we help each other learn more about the game.

Our goals currently are:

Get a pioneer to start building for ourselves and others who hire us. We will be working for the pioneer in-game from the ships we currently have which are the Crucible and the Orion.
Once we get the majority of the crews together, we will be letting the captains name the ships they will be commanding.

The jobs that we will be doing in the game are listed below.

They will primarily be: Technician, Constructor, Fighter, and Miner/Resource Gatherer.
In our organization examples of where jobs would be are:
Technician- They would be working anywhere that would require maintenance on ships or equipment so you would see a few on every ship.

Constructors- They would be primarily working on the Pioneer building bases for others and ourselves.

Fighter- They would be guarding with their own ships defending our ships that don’t have much defense. Guarding inside of the ships is also an option.

Miner/Resource Gatherer- This role would be working in the Orion or a prospector. This role also isn’t required to mine it also can be used for gathering different kinds of plants on planets to supply our corporation with food.

Even if you don’t know what you want to do yet we can still help you find that out! We have roles for everyone here.

Want to contact us before applying? We have discord!

Pm me if interested or just apply to join today!


1. Talking about harming someone or their property is not allowed unless in a friendly manner.

2. Do not get other members from other communities to join ours unless its a consensual decision. This rule is mostly due to I don’t want to get messaged saying I am leeching members from other communities.