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March 31st 2018

Star Citizen Scavenger Hunt
April 1st, 2018

Hello Citizens!

This Sunday, in the spirit of holiday fun, we invite you to take part in an old fashioned (but also thoroughly futuristic, in this case) Scavenger Hunt. Starting at 12am PDT on Sunday April 1st we’ll be tweeting out obscured images of a locations within the ‘Verse.

You, the players, must then track down the location, capture an image of your character standing in front of the hinted location, and reply to the twitter thread with your screenshot for that specific hinted image. The first person to successfully post an image of their character at the correct location wins that round.

We will tweet 8 images throughout the day, with the first at midnight (as we mentioned) and a new one going out every three hours, culminating in the final tweet at 9pm (all times PDT.)

That means 8 chances to win your very own Aegis Vulcan with LTI. Huzzah!

Make sure to carefully review the contest rules here.

Most importantly, have fun!

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