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January 1st 2015

Galactic Guide: Nyx System

Galactic Guide: Nyx

Nyx was discovered in 2582 during the height of the newly-formed United Empire of Earth’s territorial expansion. The system consists of three planets circling an F-type Main Sequence star. Astronomically, the most distinct aspect of Nyx is that it is located directly on the border of a dark nebula, which enshrouds the orbits of all three worlds and hampers travel.

The system was first charted through a jump point in the Bremen System by solo navjumper Carla Larry who described what she found in her official claim as “lacking significant mineral deposits or logical reason to apply the expense of terraformation.” Despite her less than encouraging initial assessment, Larry did make an attempt to formally name the star’s three worlds Lou, Morgan and Ashley, apparently after three separate romantic conquests she was pursuing. While the UEE government has never recognized these names, and they have never been widely used, Larry did say before her death that all three of the namesakes were touched by the gesture.

Recently, Nyx has gained some additional utility as a transit system for supplies headed for the Synthworld project, which means there can be a significant credit value of cargo moving through the system at any one time. Small scale piracy is not uncommon, buoyed by the system’s nebula, and travelers are warned not to veer off the standard spacelanes during transit of the system.

Nyx I

The first planet in the Nyx system is a coreless, heat swept world that was long ago picked clean of valuable minerals. Soon after the system was discovered, a routine survey revealed the presence of high-grade metals beneath the planet’s surface. Once word got out, the planet briefly became the focus of numerous mining operations, and within fifty years, the planet was almost entirely stripped of its resources, its material wealth shipped off to Kilian to help supply the Empire’s growing war efforts. By 2630, Nyx I had been mostly abandoned and little evidence of Human habitation remained.

Nyx II

A smoggy, desolate world, Nyx II was once considered an edge case for terraforming. Thick clouds of acid and carbon dioxide surround the world and the planet is technically teetering at the inner edge of the system’s green band. Nevertheless, a serious study was conducted as to whether or not it could be made habitable. The end result was that it could, but it would take considerable effort and provide little in the way of returns. EVA on the planet itself is lethal; even if explorers are protected from the corrosive elements, they will be unable to function in the high-pressure atmosphere.

Glaciem Ring Asteroid Belt & Delamar

A dense asteroid belt circles Nyx’s star at roughly 12 AU. While the asteroid field has seen some mining, it is mostly known as a very good place to avoid unwanted attention. An unknown number of small settlements have been established on asteroids in the area and are home to a variety of fringe colonists seeking anything from life outside the UEE to a platform from which to operate outside the law. Outlaw raids in the system, typically conducted against the trans-Synthworld shipping lanes, are believed to operate out of larger bases in the field.

The highlight of these settlements is Delamar, the largest of the asteroids. The size of a small planetoid, Delamar is hidden deep in the Glaciem Ring. Home to an old mining facility that was abandoned by the original prospectors when they couldn’t turn a profit, the People’s Alliance moved in and dubbed it Levski after an old Earth revolutionary. Dissenters of the UEE’s Messer Era, the People’s Alliance transformed Delamar into a hotbed for political radicals and anti-UEE sentiment. While the People Alliance has taken on a more passive role in recent history, Levski still attracts a bunch of politically-minded groups that are similar enough to live together, but different enough in their goals so they never get anything accomplished.

Over the years, a criminal element has also taken up residence here even though the political activists have tried to suppress it, feeling that criminals undermine their message about taking a stand against the corruption and criminality in the UEE while also making their community a target for government raids.


The final planet in the Nyx System, located far from the sun’s light, is an ice giant. A massive ball of frozen water and ammonia vapor, Nyx III has only seen minimal resource extraction owing to the hazardous work conditions in the planet’s dangerous atmosphere.

Travel Warning

While Levski’s airlocks are open to visitors, they do ask that guests abide by the code of rules and moral that they’ve established or risk the resident’s ire. As the signs that greet all those that land on Delemar say, “Even if you disagree with us, you will respect our right to life.”

Heard in the Wind

“We, the People’s Alliance of Levski, are dedicated to the creation and continual development of a truly egalitarian community, where all sentients may feel safe and free to express ideas while supporting each other towards the communal goal of enlightened self-sufficiency.”
- People’s Alliance, Declaration of Intent, 2655

“To fully understand Levski, you must visit the hand-carved statue of ANTHONY TANAKA, the boy whose death became a rallying cry for the anti-Messer movement. While there are other sculptures of Tanaka in the UEE, none are as beautifully dark and defiant.”
- Observist Dark, 2945.09.16

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