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January 16th 2013

Contest Results and Vault Update

Contest Results and Vault Update

Star Citizen Survey

Greetings Citizens! Thank you all for the tremendous response to the Star Citizen Player Survey. We’ve had thousands of fans fill it out, providing incredibly valuable feedback for our development process. We’ve had some feedback that certain graphics cards were missing from the survey – they should appear as options now! If you haven’t taken the survey yet, you can provide your feedback here.

Contest Results

As promised, we are releasing the list of prize winners today. The below list includes all the contests run during the campaign and the names of the winners (provided they gave us permission to release a name.) As always, thank you to everyone who helped make the Star Citizen campaign such a success… we look forward to holding more contests and other events in the future! All winners have been contacted; if you think you’ve won a prize and haven’t heard from us please e-mail

REFERRAL CONTEST GRAND PRIZE (1) Alienware Aurora Desktop* (1) Oculus Rift headset (1) Logitech G940 HOTAS setup (1) Idris-class corvette in Star Citizen to serve as your command ship
  • Nathan Riley – 431 recruits
REFERRAL CONTEST RUNNERS UP (1) NVIDIA GTX670 graphics card (1) Logitech F710 Game Pad (1) Anvil Gladiator Bomber in Star Citizen
  • Jessica F – 393 recruits
  • NetAndy – 142 recruits
  • Longscope – 106 recruits
  • Ervig – 94 recruits
  • SpawnSC – 78 recruits
  • Time Warped – 73 recruits
REFERRAL CONTEST RECRUIT PRIZE (1) NVIDIA GTX680 graphics card (1) Logitech G940 HOTAS setup (1) Anvil Gladiator Bomber in Star Citizen
  • Shepard
REFERRAL CONTEST DAILY RECRUITER PRIZE (1) Logitech F710 Game Pad (1) Anvil Gladiator Bomber in Star Citizen
  • Andy “Esimedon” Nice
  • Anonymous (x2)
  • MisterSix
  • Asmodeus
  • Bjorn T. Jonsson (AKA Viking)
  • Derek “Droz” Guiliano
  • Fabian “HAWK” Esmiol
  • Hannes Swanepoel
  • Melons
  • Nicholas Jonathan Lay
  • Steven Pendleton
  • Tony Christopher
REFERRAL CONTEST DAILY RECRUIT PRIZE (1) Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (1) Pack of 1000 In-Game Credits
  • “Echrei”
  • Anonymous (x6)
  • Denetra W
  • Greg Steiner
  • Martin K
  • Mazazon
  • Remi Favre
  • trojanguy
$1 MILLION GOAL PRIZE (1) Signed copy of Wing Commander
  • Michael Verdefiore
  • Walter Kim
$2.5 MILLION GOAL PRIZE (1) Anvil Gladiator Bomber in Star Citizen
  • Anonymous (x3)
  • Brian Bjorke
  • Charles Mott
  • Diego Adreveno
  • Erik Haardt
  • Keith Thomas
  • Marcus Koch
  • Simon Gugeler
$3 MILLION GOAL PRIZE (1) Signed Bengal Carrier Artwork
  • Jonathan Chaney
  • Ben Moore
$4 MILLION GOAL PRIZE (1) Signed Constellation Artwork (1) Pledge Tier Upgrade (1) ORIGIN M50 Interceptor in Star Citizen
  • Adam Garrison

Vault Update

The Subscriber Vault has been updated with early imagery of the Vanduul fighter including early renders and sketches used to flesh out the initial concept. We know that not everyone is able to subscribe and so have decided to offer a sample of the content in the Slideshow.


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