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September 20th 2013

Hangar Patch and Caterpillar Sale

Hangar Patch and Caterpillar Sale

Greetings Citizens,
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just pushed out a patch for the Star Citizen Hangar Module! Today’s update contains over one hundred changes based on the feedback we’ve been receiving from backers experimenting with the module. Everything from flickering decals to missing cargo pallets to crash bugs to incorrect ship loadouts to making sure pilots can’t sit down outside their spacecraft has been addressed. And yes, we’ve slowed down the character’s run so your avatar isn’t in a hurry to get everywhere!

You can check out a complete list of updates in the patch notes included with the Hangar Module launcher. Thank you for your great support; it’s thanks to the bug reports from thousands of Citizens that we’re able to make so many hangar fixes so quickly! Be on the lookout for more fixes and some exciting new features in the coming weeks. Have you found a bug we missed? Be sure to report it to the Hangar Module Bug Reporting forums.

We’re also running a limited promo in the pledge store this week, making the Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar available for sale through Monday at noon PST. You can learn more about the Drake Interplanetary lineup and study some extremely cool new cutaway artwork of their ship interiors here. Just the hardware an aspiring pirate will need to start his or her career on the other side of the law.

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