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March 27th 2014

Shroud of the Avatar Crossbow Update

Shroud of the Avatar Crossbow Update

WIP: Star Citizen CrossbowWIP: Star Citizen Crossbow

Greetings Citizens,

Last year, we promised that every Citizen who backed Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar crowd funded project would receive a SotA-inspired crossbow weapon for use in Star Citizen’s FPS mode. The Shroud of the Avatar team similarly promised a unique Star Citizen artifact would appear for early backers in their game. The SotA team recently revealed their Vanduul Polearm, based on our Vanduul warrior concept art (pictured below.)

Crossbow Ammo BoxCrossbow Ammo Box

That’s not all: we would like to confirm that the Star Citizen Crossbow is still in the works, and it will make its appearance when an appropriate Star Citizen module launches. For now, you can enjoy your very first look at our current WIP model of the weapon, plus the bolt and ammo box!

Anyone interested in getting a crossbow in Star Citizen can still do so, as long as they back both Star Citizen and Shroud of the Avatar (at the ‘Immortal Adventurer’ pledge level or above.) Be sure to hurry if you would like the Vanduul Polearm in SotA; new backers only have until April 7th to get their late backer status (Benefactor) upgraded to early backer status (Founder), giving them access to all the early backer rewards (click here for more details)!

Note that your crossbow will not appear on your account at this time. We will link up with the SotA team before it’s time to launch the weapon.

CLARIFICATION: everyone who backs SOtA at the ‘Adventurer’ level (currently $45) or above will recieve the Crossbow in Star Citizen. New SotA backers need the Immortal Adventurer (currently $55) in order to get the Vanduul polearm.

Shroud of the Avatar's Vanduul PolearmShroud of the Avatar's Vanduul Polearm

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