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Alpha Slot FAQ

Greetings Citizens,

In the early days of the Star Citizen campaign, we had packages that were sold with “Alpha Slots”. Originally, any packages with Alpha Slots would be granted free access to all of Star Citizen’s pre-release modules, including the Arena Commander, Social Module, Star Marine, etc. Packages without Alpha Access needed to buy a Module Pass.

In order to reach a wider audience, we’ve changed our business so that if you have a Game Package, you have access to all modules!

So, Alpha Access has become Alpha Legacy?

Yes. We’ve replaced Alpha Access with the nominal Alpha Legacy, as all players now have access to all modules.

What does Alpha Legacy provide?

Functionally, nothing. Alpha Legacy only reflects that your account was one of the first to back Star Citizen.

What was the reasoning for this?

Alpha Slots were calculated based on the number of servers the programming team believed we could reliably budget for our first Arena Commander module rollout. It made sense to ‘budget’ out access to the rollout and grant our earliest backers the ability to get in.

However, our business has grown substantially, and this feature became confusing to new arrivers, who had questions such as: Could Alpha Access be bought? Why do I need to buy an Arena Commander Module Pass when I just bought a Game Package? Will there be a Star Marine Module Pass? Is there a Social Module Pass? A 2.0 Pass? When is Alpha not Alpha, but Beta?

All of these questions were reasonable, and simply meant our business was confusing.

As Star Citizen’s funding has increased, we have been able to increase access to the modules, and we felt it was time to give free access to all players who pledged.

So, what does Beta Access mean?

Beta Access refers to the future beta test of Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe. As this launch is further in the future, we have not yet made a final decision on the number of Beta Slots that will be used.

I had an Arena Commander Module Pass… what happened?

All Arena Commander Module Passes have been refunded as store credit on your account.