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June 12th 2014

Arena Commander Multiplayer Roll-Out Begins!

Greetings Citizens,

If you’re a very early backer, check your e-mail! The first invitations to Arena Commander’s multiplayer have gone out. QA invited the first 250 backers to start playing today. These backers were selected by the team because of their especially valuable bug reporting skills during the Hangar module release.

The team decided that reports were looking good and that we should begin the general rollout. Only a small number of Citizens have been sent invites at this point, but we hope to increase that dramatically in the near future. From this point forward, invites will be based on Citizen number in the aims of giving the earliest access to the backers who have supported us the longest.]

UPDATE: Tests are going well and we have upped the number of invitees to the first 2,477 Citizens (plus the original testers)! We do not expect to add any additional slots until after the weekend.

UPDATE #2: We have expanded the test to include everyone through Citizen #4,502. More backers will be added after the next patch!

UPDATE #3: The test has expanded to everyone up to Citizen #10,000! Expect further upgrades as the Star Citizen 12.3 patch launches.

UPDATE #4: The test has expanded to everyone up to Citizen #20,000!

UPDATE #5: The test has expanded to everyone up to Citizen #30,000! We are working on the next patch that will allow us to expand further now.

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