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December 19th 2014

Rebuilt: The new RSI home
The first step towards the site's global redesign

The website gets a new Homepage

Greetings, citizens!

Today marks the first step towards the Web Platform’s global redesign. In their continuous effort to make the site more cutting-edge, and aiming to be more appealing (and understandable) to new users, the Turbulent team has been working hard to bring you this first glimpse of what awaits for the RSI website next year.

What’s new?

The new RSI HomeThe new RSI Home

The Homepage

The most obvious change is, of course, our homepage. We’re now featuring our latest and best video content right there from the start. That top carrousel will also become less crowded to only feature the most crucial updates to the Star Citizen project.

Our new header and top menu got revamped as well to take up less space and be easier to navigate. It will also feature a brand new cross-site alert system for really important messages we want to get across to the whole community.

New blocks in the Homepage will let you know about our upcoming events : which posts, streams, sales are coming, when, and in which timezone!

This is a first step towards modernizing (yes already!) the site style all across the board. Expect more changes!


You’re bound to notice that your My RSI menu has changed as well. Not only does it now feature your badges and Org, it also leads you to your Contact list. We call this “Platform Contacts”. This Contact list is the gateway to the game’s brand new Lobby system : Follow anyone from anywhere in the site and find them easily in your game Lobby. Detailed instructions on how to use your contact list will come in the next Arena Commander User Manual.

This is a first release of Platform Contacts that only allow you to follow other people and then invite them to play inside the game.The next updates will add full friends list features to Contacts allowing you to see updates and realtime online status of your friends across Star Citizen. Once again, stay tuned!

Star Citizen's 3 PillarsStar Citizen's 3 Pillars

Game Pillars

We’re inaugurating our new version of “About the Game”. The section is now heavily featured on the homepage, and details the whole project’s vision and status. Would you like to introduce someone to Star Citizen? Send them this way and let them discover it at their own pace.

We hope this first rebuild of the About the game piece will help newcomers learn about the scope of the game and get them interested in joining. We will continue to add more great stuff for newcomers : Backer Guide!

What’s next?

This is a big update, but we’re far from done. This first iteration will be closely followed by a thorough visual harmonization and global enhancement, to prepare for the new Careers section. In a few months we’re going to deploy an extensive guide on what you can actually live as in the Star Citizen Universe : what types of gameplay are offered, what can be achieved, what tools can you use for the right trade? Stay tuned for more.

A new Community Hub is also in preparation, where you’ll be able to keep up with the whole Community at a glance. This new hub aims to bring you players new ways to contribute to the project and stay in touch with the team.

The Contacts system is also just starting, as we’re planning to bring you 2-way relationships with your friends and detailed live status.

Rock on!

End Transmission



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