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May 10th 2015

Reverse The Verse Episode 46

It was another great week on Reverse The Verse! The CommuniTeam was happy to sit down and spend an hour with you, and here are some of the highlights from our hangout!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #46

1. Sandi’s in the UK!

Our fearless leader Sandi Gardiner is currently in the UK filming for Squadron 42. We can’t tell you who she’s working with, but needless to say, we’re VERY excited. Keep it up, Sandi!
Follow Sandi on Facebook for the latest pictures from set!

2. You can upgrade your Starfarer to the awesome new Star-G!

Turbulent has opened a third sale option for this week’s Starfarer sale. You can upgrade your existing ship for the newly released military variant, the Starfarer Gemini, better known as the Star-G.
Check out the new Starfarer Gemini

3. Chelsea can’t stop playing Hyper Vanguard Force

With three regular levels and three hard levels, there’s plenty of room to progress in the new minigame, Hyper Vanguard Force. We spent a bit of time on the show chatting about our own gameplay, and it was revealed that Chelsea had logged quite a bit of time destroying those pixel-art ships!
Play Hyper Vanguard Force!

4. We’re ready to roll the dice!

With the new footage of the Grabby Hands mechanic, our imaginations have turned to card and dice games. The latest subscriber flair was a space rock, so the joke of including space paper and space scissors naturally came into play. So shuffle em up! Deal em out! The CommuniTeam is ready to roll.

5. The Phantom Menace still disappoints

On Wednesday, we decided to assign a bit of homework. After work, the team made an effort to reacquaint themselves with the Star Wars prequels, beginning with The Phantom Menace. In an extended rant that spanned the entire episode, it became very obvious that even our Star Wars loyalists feel a little cringe. Stay tuned at the end for a glorious piece of performance art by James and Jared.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

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