August 28th 2015

Vanguards: And Then There Were Three
New Variants from Aegis Dynamics

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Greetings Citizens,

Earlier this year, Aegis Dynamics revealed the A3G Vanguard Warden to the civilian market. Today, two additional variants previously provided to the United Empire of Earth military are now available. The Vanguard is the Empire’s premier deep space fighter, designed for maximum crew survivability on long-duration missions. The military treats the Vanguard as a robust platform capable of being modified for any number of missions. Today we are pleased to reveal the Vanguard Sentinel and the Vanguard Harbinger, two of the most popular Vanguard configurations ever to dogfight in deep space.

The Vanguard Sentinel and Harbinger are now available as concept pledges and the Vanguard Warden is available again for a limited time. The art and design teams at Cloud Imperium Games have spent time fleshing out not only specific roles for the variants but also the functional interiors for all three ships. You can see the results of this work below, with imagery of everything from the internal escape pod on the base Warden to the new electronic warfare equipment on the Sentinel. We’re extremely proud of the work that has gone into these ships, and we’re hoping you enjoy this further look under their hoods!

OutLIVE: The Vanguard Warden

“The Vanguard Warden is the standard model, adapted from the rough-and-ready version used by the military.”

The original contract called for a ship capable of surviving a complete hull breach and up to a 33% structural loss… and time and time again, Aegis’ Vanguard has gone well beyond the letter of the law in bringing crews home!

With heavy-hitting forward weapons, an enhanced weapons suite and the most advanced two-person escape pod currently available, the Vanguard Warden is a ship designed to take a beating and come out on top.

Visit the Warden

Warden Internal Development

OutSMART: The Vanguard Sentinel

“Why take damage when you don’t have to? The Vanguard Sentinel is a ship that’s designed to fight smart instead of taking enemies head on.”

The conversion features an AR cockpit, an external e-war pod, decoy missiles and a set of EMP charges. In their military capacity, Vanguard Sentinels often provide necessary combat support for combined operations, helping to establish space superiority through so-called ‘trickster’ missions built around sowing misdirection and confusion. A lone Sentinel assigned wild weasel tasks is frequently paired with Harbinger bombers and Warden escorts for large attack missions. Working together, a mixed unit of Vanguards have been credited with confusing and eliminating ships as large as an enemy battlecruiser!Visit the Sentinel

Sentinel Internal Development

OutGUN: The Vanguard Harbinger

“Hit hard and get home alive! The Vanguard Harbinger is Earth’s standard fighter-bomber, converting the standard Warden model’s escape pod into a potent bomb bay.”

The extended range of the Vanguard and the relatively small profile mean that it can go where carrier-based planes or larger strategic bombers don’t… and then strike hard and make it back to frontier bases. With standardized parts and easy-to-change hull sections, the Vanguard Harbinger is a powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases.Visit the Harbinger

Harbinger Internal Development

Technical Overview

Vanguard Harbinger

Aegis Dynamics
  • Occupied
  • Available

Key technical information

Vanguard Harbinger
  • Bomber
  • Bomber
  • 37 meters
  • 52,000 Kg
  • 2 persons

Note: Ship specifications are subject to change.

Propulsion overview

Thrusters and Engines on this ship

Hardpoints overview

Weapons and Modular Systems on this ship
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Cam view

View angle

Points of interest

Render type

Vanguard Warden Cross-Section

Ship sale

We are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. Additionally, all decorative ‘flair’ items will also be available to acquire in the finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches.

The standard model Vanguard Warden is available again for a limited time and includes two year insurance. The Vanguard Sentinel & Harbinger are being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Arena Commander. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add a Vanguard poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Vanguard mini ship model! In the future, the ship price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras.

If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until Monday September 7th. You can also view the ship’s details in the Tech Overview section of the ship page!

Upgrade & Add-On Sale

Do you already have an Aegis Dynamics Vanguard from the previous concept sale? No problem! We have two upgrade options depending on your particular preference.

Upgrades will convert an existing Vanguard Warden into a Vanguard Sentinel or Vanguard Harbinger. The upgrade will convert your entire ship to the new variant in both appearance and specifications; essentially, you are trading in one ship for another (while preserving LTI and any other bonuses.)

A set of Battlefield Upgrade Kits are also available for those who would like to keep their older Vanguard Wardens. The upgrade kits function as in-universe part sets which convert the existing ships to the variant’s specifications. This allows you to swap between the abilities of the Warden, Sentinel or Harbinger at will! The upgrade kits exist in world similar to the interior Retaliator upgrade pods and do not change the styling of the individual ships, just the weapons and other upgrades installed.

Have another question?

We will be posting Vanguard Variant Q&A updates on Wednesday and Friday next week. You can post your questions to this thread on the forums and we will select the best we can answer.

Meanwhile, you can still enjoy HYPER VANGUARD FORCE IV and try to top the leaderboards.

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