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October 9th 2015

October Subscriber Flair!

October Subscriber Flair!

This month’s Subscriber Flair is the 350r ship model! This realistic ship model from Takuetsu Starships, the most trusted name in ship models, is the ninth in a collection of Star Citizen’s ships. Display your 350r with pride, and then collect other models to complete the display. This month subscribers will also receive a special piece of event flair!

In honor of Citizen Con 2015, all active subscribers will also receive a special subscriber variant of the Citizen Con 2945 trophy. Additionally, all Citizen Con attendees will receive a Citizen Con 2945 trophy and digital poster on their accounts which will be attributed later today. We’ll also have the poster and trophy available for sale tomorrow in the store for those unable to attend the event!

Please note that the model, trophies and poster will not appear in your hangar just yet, they will be included in the next patch release. If you’re an active subscriber, the model and event flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the 350r model will be attributed to your account on Tuesday October 18th! More information about subscriptions can be found here.

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