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October 10th 2019

Happy Birthday, Star Citizen!

Time to Celebrate

Seven years ago today Star Citizen was announced to the world, and together, over the subsequent years we have built the most engaged, creative, and fervent communities in gaming. That unbridled enthusiasm demonstrated again and again by Star Citizen players and fans has been front and center over the past month in the Ship Showdown celebration and tournament. From mind-bendingly creative nomination submissions, to spirited discourse and campaigning during the head-to-head rounds, your passion and dedication have sounded true.

The final battle has concluded, and as the smoke clears, Drake’s Caterpillar emerges victorious.

We extend our sincere thanks to every one of you that voted, our resounding congratulations to all you Drake fans out there, and deepest sympathies to the Aegis faithful. You’ll get ‘em next time.

While the top dog will secure for itself exclusive accouterments befitting a champion, all four ships that made it into the Semi-Finals will be given the “best in show” treatment at this year’s upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition and treated to their own specialized appurtenance.

Intrigued? Then we’ll see you at the Expo in November, where all will be revealed, and you’ll get a taste of the latest and greatest from nearly every manufacturer in the ‘verse. From old favorites to new surprises, keep the party going at IAE 2949.

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