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January 15th 2020

January 2950 Subscriber Promotions


It’s a new year, isn’t it? Has anyone else still been writing 2949 on all your e-checks? (In editing we realized we made this same joke last month. we’re going to leave it as punishment. For you or us, who’s to say? =)

January is the start of our new shared flair initiative, where for every other month in 2020, Subscribers will get flair from either the Character or Props teams. That means more variety in the types of in-game rewards we can offer and we pass those assortments onto you! It’s one more way we’re continuing our attempts to evolve the Subscriber Program going forward. It’s not everything we want to do, but it’s one more thing we think you’ll enjoy along the way.

In spaceship news, the 890 Jump completed it’s Ship of the Month promo at the beginning of this month and the Subscriber-Exclusive pledge promotion is your last chance to pick one up for awhile. It’s big, it’s shiny, and according to some online videos we’ve seen, capable of doing some incredibly humorous things.

Jump Point also returns this month with an interview from the team behind Melee Combat, a Visual Guide to the Rarest Ships in the ‘Verse, and new articles about microTech and more. As always, Jump Point is your written record of the continuing development of Star Citizen, and Subscribers have access to all 85 issues going back to December 2012. Take a look if you haven’t. It’s a marvelous time capsule of our project.

With that, check out some of the offerings happening for January 2950.


Last month in Alpha 3.8 saw the introduction of Star Citizen’s first melee weapons with the UltiFlex Combat Knife. To celebrate this milestone, the In-Game Rewards for January are a collection of variants themes around three of the four planets in the Stanton System.

UltiFlex FSK-8 “Ghost” Combat Knife – The FSK-8 Combat Knife from UltiFlex is as sparse a weapon as you can get. The “Ghost” edition features a grey blade and a light blue grip and lanyard.

Current Centurion Subscribers get the UltiFlex FSK-8 “Ghost” Combat Knife above as part of their subscription.

While many become enamored with dazzling tech of modern weaponry, UltiFlex has focused on making a simple effective combat tool. Featuring a balanced 1055 carbon steel blade honed to a razor’s edge, this knife is capable of handling all the abuse you can throw at it. The “Mirage” edition features a gold blade, light brown grip, and grey lanyard.

Current Imperator Subscribers get the UltiFlex FSK-8 “Mirage” Combat Knife as well as the “Ghost” above as part of their subscription.

If you aren’t a subscriber but want to acquire these packs as part of a Subscription, you can still receive them if you SUBSCRIBE by January 20th.

Additionally, you can purchase these, a special “Bloodline” themed variant and most of the previous flair going back to 2014 ANYTIME in the Subscriber Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps as well as gift them to non-subscribers.


The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect snub ship for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! Dual-mode conversion allows the Dragonfly to operate on the ground or in space, and a rear-facing second seat means you can even take a passenger!

The Dragonfly Yellowjacket and Black variants are already available to all Subscribers and will continue through February 3rd, 2020

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