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March 16th 2020

St. Patrick's Day 2020

Let's toast the stars!

Don’t Tempt Fate

Stella Fortuna is the day to push your luck and find your pot of gold behind the next star. But be careful not to push too hard, as fate can be as moody as the Vanduul. However, don’t hesitate to join us in a dance with Lady Fortuna!

The big celebration is just around the corner, and Kruger Intergalactic is ready to party with the all new P-72 Archimedes Emerald, flyable in Alpha 3.9.1. So, go green and get ready to jump into action! See the parade, dance, drink, catch some candy, and reach for the stars just like your ancestors did.

A day of green and gold lies ahead of us, and we wish you all the luck in the universe.

Happy Stella Fortuna!

2019 St. Patrick’s Day Screenshot Contest Entry by Klumpi

Stella Fortuna

The Party Ain’t Over

Stella Fortuna is a Human cultural celebration associated with good fortune and success in new ventures. It was first established as a commemoration of the successful colonization of Mars (Sol IV). Feasting, fireworks, festivals, and other forms of mass celebration are hallmarks of the holiday, along with the colors gold and green. It is celebrated each year on March 15th throughout the United Empire of Earth (UEE).

Stella Fortuna has evolved from a holiday commemorating the early Mars colony to one that celebrates good fortune, boldness, tempting fate, and embarking on new business ventures. This was caused by a number of factors, but the against-all-odds success of the Mars colony combined with the long-term success of early settlers were two major influences. By the time the holiday’s final date was selected, people preparing for interplanetary trips were already asking the stars for their blessing. It became a tradition in the late 2200s for explorers to toast the stars before embarking on searches for jump points, or for people launching new business ventures to begin them on March 15th.

The largest celebrations still occur on Mars. Most businesses close for the holiday and the day after. The festival officially kicks off with a parade featuring elaborately decorated floats in the form of spaceships or stars. Celebrants clad in colorful, light-up costumes throw candy, raffle tickets, or other small prizes from atop the floats into the crowd. Carnivals filled with rides and games run throughout the day and night. Intoxicated crowds will spontaneously burst into traditional songs such as “Aim for the Stars but Strike from Mars” and “Illuminate the Way.” Marriage proposals are as common as new business ventures; the green and gold firework display that concludes the festival is a favorite time to seal the deal on business and romantic partnerships alike.

Learn more about Stella Fortuna’s origin on the GALACTAPEDIA


Fortune Favors the Bold

There once was a fella called Jack,
He needed a ship to attack,
Punching over its weight,
And store many a crate,
He discovered the Drake Cutlass Black!

Aim for the stars and challenge Fortuna with a fun-filled contest as we re-establish a 19th century classic from Earth. Raise your glasses and describe your luckiest Star Citizen gaming moment… but not with simple words.

This Stella Fortuna and we want to hear what rhymes you have on your limerick-lips. So, send us your slickest limerick to win one-of-three gorgeous green vehicles. After all, anything can happen on Stella Fortuna. Get the details on Spectrum.

hints of green

Precision Perfected

Show your valor, laugh courageously in the face of fate, and intimidate your business rivals with your achievements. Take their breath away as you arrive in style at the hottest party of the ‘verse.
And how better to do that than with Kruger Intergalactic’s P-72 Archimedes in an exclusive jade-tinged Stella Fortuna livery? The Warbond Archimedes Emerald and the Warbond Soldiers of Fortuna pack include in-game lifetime insurance (LTI).

Rolling Party Beast

You’ll certainly survive the fireworks inside one of these all-terrain, planetside party-vans! We’re proud to bring back the community’s all-time favorite, so don’t miss your chance to race in green and gold.

Ready to Impress Lady Fortuna?

Make sure yours is the place to be this year and get the party started no matter where the stars guide you!
Get green in the brand-new Archimedes Emerald, limited-edition Ursa Rover Fortuna, and the super-rare Constellation Phoenix Emerald!

Keep in mind: the Soldier of Fortuna packs are stock limited, so get them while they have the green light.

rise above the hangover

Party Favors

Looking for the perfect Star Citizen themed party outfit, or a present for a fellow space captain? Anvil’s got you covered! Check out all of our merchandise now.

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