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March 11th 2020

March 2950 Subscriber Promotions


March brings us our second offering of in-game rewards from the Props Team, with the creation of five new color options for the popular QuikFlarePro. More than just a way to light your path in the depths of Stanton’s caves, if our own internal testing is any indication, subscribers will find all manner of creative uses, from marking circuit paths to cranking up the rave scene in Wally’s Bar.

March’s Ship of the Month is the popular ARGO MOLE – Star Citizen’s first flyable multi-crew mining rig. It’s terrific to see more and more mining crews in the Persistent Universe, and we’re excited to offer this ship to subscribers so soon after it was first introduced (only three months ago).

Jump Point magazine also continues to explore the Star Citizen universe with new Whitley’s Guide articles, a Cutlass Red dev interview, and the first of a two-part guide to the impending Imperator election. The JP Team puts together a fun digital magazine every month, so check out the past issues if you haven’t already.

For now, let’s check out the Subscriber Program’s offerings for the month of March.


Illuminate the way forward or signal for help with the QuikFlarePro from Shubin Interstellar. For centuries, miners have counted on this flare as part of their core toolkit thanks to its tried and true design that ensures it stays ablaze in harsh weather and difficult atmospheric conditions. The QuikFlarePro uses advanced tech to glow longer than the standard QuikFlare.

QuikFlarePro Pack - The standard QuikFlarePro Pack includes the longer-lasting Red, Cyan, and Green versions of the ever-popular QuikFlare.

Current Centurion-level subscribers get two (2) sets of the QuikFlarePro pack above as part of their subscription.

QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe - The enhanced QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe includes the same longer-lasting Red, Cyan, and Green versions with additional Yellow and Orange variants.

Current Imperator-level subscribers get two (2) complete sets of the QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe as part of their subscription.

SPECIAL NOTE: Unlike the standard QuikFlare currently found in Stanton, these QuikFlarePro are intended for reuse and will stay lit for as long as you hold onto them. If you drop them, they will stay lit until retrieved or standard server clean-up processes occur. Similar to previous handheld flair items like knives or firearms, if you collect after dropping/trading or maintain possession of your QuikFlarePro, it may be reused and last indefinitely.

If you aren't a subscriber and would like to receive these flares as part of a subscription, you can SUBSCRIBE by March 16th.

Additionally, if you subscribe after March 16th, you can pick up this and previous month's flair (going back to 2014) by checking out the Subscriber Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps as well as pick up extras to gift to non-subscribers.


ARGO’s pragmatic no-nonsense approach to ship design is celebrated in the unmistakable silhouette of the MOLE. Just one look and you know it means business. Tap into your full potential with the combined force of ARGO’s patented tri-lateral mining system. The MOLE has a total of 24 mineral pods, each holding 12 SCU. Eight pods are usable at one time – when they’re full, either head home or jettison them for collection by another vessel and carry on mining. Three independently controlled articulated extraction stations allow for maximum power and near-limitless versatility. The MOLE lives by the adage ’many hands make for light work’.

The ARGO MOLE is already available to all subscribers and will be until April 1st, 2020.


When the ship goes live, Imperator-level subscribers will gain access to the upcoming Esperia Prowler as part of the Imperator Test Flight program – the perk that provides one week to test fly all new flight-ready ships and variants in our live releases.

Named after the UPE military designation, the Prowler is a modernized version of the infamous Tevarin armored personnel carrier. Esperia’s astroengineers were given unmitigated access to study original versions of the ship recently discovered in the Kabal system to help meticulously reconstruct the vehicle. Now, the Prowler is the perfect fusion of two cultures: the elegance and effectiveness of the Tevarin war machine combined with the reliability of modern Human technology.

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