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June 12th 2020

Alien Week 2950

I found him, he belongs to me!

Join Us for Alien Week!

It was on June 12, 2438, that Humanity and the Banu race made first contact after navjumper Vernon Tar encountered a fugitive in the outskirts of the Davien system. After mistakenly opening fire on the Banu’s vessel, Tar relayed his coordinates to the United Nations of Earth (UNE). A delegation party led by General Neal Socolovich was immediately dispatched to the system to undo any diplomatic fallout and open communication.

To celebrate this historic event, we’re holding a week-long celebration of all things alien between June 12 and June 19.

We Didn’t Leave Earth To Be Safe

Know Your Aliens

Whether you’re siding with the Banu, Tevarin, Xi´an, or Vanduul(!), you should familiarize yourself with the spacefaring civilizations of Star Citizen. Are they capable of quantum travel? Can they terraform planets? Are they friendly, or do human body parts play a role in their diet?

We’ve put together a list of fun facts about all the discovered alien races of Star Citizen, which we´ll release on our social channels each day throughout Alien Week. Keep an eye out for daily fun facts and expand your knowledge about Vanduul “hair,” Banu baths, and more!

We´ve also updated our fankit to include decorative stickers that you can add to the social channels of your choice. Just pick your favorite design and slap them on top of your avatar to wish everyone a happy Alien Week!

But there´s more! While we won´t completely spoil the upcoming alien-themed lore post our Narrative Team has prepared, your tastebuds can look forward to exclusively translated alien recipes. Want to see what’s on the menu? The waiter will be with you soon!


A New Contender Appears!

The Community Team is holding two contests and giving you the chance to scoop fantastic otherworldly prizes:

As an ace explorer, it’s likely that you’ve run into situations where diplomacy is needed to calm individuals and prevent potential interstellar conflict. So, imagine you’ve discovered a new star system alongside a never-before-seen intelligent alien race. Share your first-contact message with the new species – the sentence by which you define all future relationships and make it into the Human history books.

Calling all chefs, cooks, and bakers! We want you to serve up alien-themed food and treats. We’re asking for pictures of your creations alongside recipes so that others can recreate them! Let your creativity run wild and share your Xi’an green pancakes or Vanduul-shaped sugar cookies… if we want to jump through the screen and eat the goods you’ve prepped, you’ll be crowned the star-splattered chef.


There’s No Tech like Alien Tech!

No Alien Week is complete without a plethora of alien ships! Our limited-time offers give you the chance to get your hands on advanced alien technology and fill your hangar with the most exotic vessels in the ‘verse.

Be the first line of defense against enemy attacks in the Banu Defender, head to the racetracks in the speedy open-canopy Aopoa Nox, or try to equal the famous Banu traders – renowned for their merchant prowess – in the Merchantman! These deals won’t last forever, so get them before they vanish into the unknown.

Limited Time Warbond Upgrades

For this special event, you will have the opportunity to warbond upgrade to the Banu Defender.

Did you explain school to him?

Knowledge is Power!

Boldly go into the unknown, but be sure to stock up on knowledge as well as firepower! Alien Week is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your alien facts and language skills.

From introductions and greetings to in-depth pronunciation and writing, before starting your engines, you’ll want to have some useful phrases onboard. Take beginner and advanced Xi’an classes on YouTube, then head over to Spectrum to discuss the lessons and more on our Xi’an Language and Banu Language discussion forums.

Want to know more? Visit Galactapedia, the ultimate repository for information about the Star Citizen universe. This growing knowledge base is updated regularly and holds all the details you need to prepare for your next adventure.

Happy First Contact Day, everyone.

End Transmission



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