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June 24th 2020

First Contact Day - Souli Announcement

¡indæ ta tambowæ epacho nyenga osouli findæ michæ!

.aa ndue zumi a tso, indue fo ssaa epacho fuYumano tsuBanu nzafwe ro. .takæ First Contact Day (efanga fekafo ræ dasi) zugi fuYumano, ke yandu indæ a pachæ tsulæ zo ndi tselæ. .aa fanga, tado da ¡etæ ndi tselæ tsuBanu tæ! sa uYumano. .uYumano kteyufu nyenjeko zuYumano duYumano tana aa zogo, tsao indæ mbunowæ ulæ luiyæ nyetseli zugi satsotæ zo cho pachú opacho zwa indæ pangawæ chulæ. .njekindue ndi mvo nyosouli ke cho a kunde mbuno michæ kida zo gao chindæ.

.indæ ta tado dænga sangindæ nyenga ssaa epacho fuYumano tsuBanu tanyæ kida zo gao.

.kidada tie nyuYumano ndzofotie, enganyo ulæ pachuwæ ozwozwo fesse etie la wo ulæ wiliyæ. .inæ kte kteyæ opafu fayu pili sætsa ga osouli se yu nyenjeko. uYumano kte olæ si ojali kidadæ nyo la soma, zo ktawe. ta talæ lo ke yu yufu zuYumano da ¡ Happy First Contact Day. This gift shows how us Banu appreciate Humans!

.kidada uYumano yuféa da ¿o opacho fino traditional?, enganyo ktunyu kida. .njekeyufu yandu ¿u ubumi fuBanu uta sese yazi mbe lo?. .yato ye yato. .ulæ ye subawæ da ebanji dede. .indæ yu yufulæ zutseli da osouli mbe ozwoto zwa pacho, fondæ ¡very traditional! tæ.

.indíndue, uYumano daki ndida ndzofopacho ye Banu. .chæ, ulæ da ndzopacho Tsiano Yumano dau. enjeko kafa fesse epacho Banu. .yufu ye yufuzæ nyulæ. .inæ da da olæ nyo ¡celebrate friendship!.

.indæ da myama da uBanu pacho zutseli tsuYumano ndi sasa duYumano.
.da myama da zo chæ.

.utuYumano yumlo opacho yobeo ya. .ulæ ssunjiyæ yu opacho nyubumi ni, zo soa, ni uYumano uta fekissumbi fulæ. kidada inæ kafowæ utu uta pacho ye do, enganyo da da zwopacho sila nyo friends, family fulæ dau.

A Plan of Trade Strategy to Enrich our Souli!

As the beats count up, the moment of the Great Human Banu Friendship Buying Time is drawing closer. Humans call it “First Contact Day” and use it to signify that we are active trading partners. During this time Humans like to express how much they are friends to all the Banu people. While many Humans wish to do this the Human way through words and talking, it is best if we encourage them to show appreciation for our friendship in the proper way, purchasing the items of friendship that we are going to sell them. This is a very important time for the Souli and we must make the most of this opportunity so that our profits are as big as possible.

Let us recount the things we have learned to make Great Human Banu Friendship Buying Time as successful as possible.

If you give a Human a gift, they will often buy something from you as free things make them uncomfortable. Use the inexpensive, small clothing pins that the Souli acquired for this purpose. Humans will wear them on their clothing even if they do not need it as a closure. Hand it to them and say in Human, “Happy First Contact Day. This gift shows how us Banu appreciate Humans.”

• You may be confused when Humans ask if your wares are “traditional.” This is their way of asking if it is made by Banu who are not alive. Do not be offended. They are not implying laziness on its construction. Warmly tell them that everything we sell is made by Souli which makes them “very traditional.” • Humans will sometimes try to point out that certain items are not Banu. They will say an item is Xi’an or Human. This makes no sense since we are the ones selling them. Do not correct them. Just say that they are to “celebrate friendship.” • Humans will want you to confirm that it is good that Banu are trading partners with Humans. Confirm this often. • Some Humans are less likely to buy things for themselves, preferring to buy things for others, especially other Humans they are genetically similar to. If you find one who is reticent to buy, mention that items would be good for their “friends” or “family.” •

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