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The curse of the Javelin wreck

Well, I guess the Javelin wreck on the moon Daymar is cursed for me. The first time I travelled there with a Vanguard Warden and ran out of oxygen. I didn’t have enough time to visit the wreck. The second time I took a Sabre and experienced a bug with the controls so the ship simply crashed into the moon. The third time I travelled with a Super Hornet, and right before a possibly super smooth landing I accidentially hit the button for the ejection seat and, well… the ship remained diagonally above the ground with power "on" and therefore no chance to ever enter that ship again.

I could do a sightseeing tour though and that was the reason I came here for after all. After I returned to my ship I tried to flip it over with my laser cannon but it didn’t help at all. Then a Starfarer appeared and offered help. That’s what you can see in the vid (unfortunately filmed with the cam of my mobile, so sorry for the bad quality). After his unsuccesful attemps I ran out of oxygen again and that was the end of my visit. At least I had an amazing stay with doing many screenshots and these hilarious last moments of my Citizen’s life. Thank you, dear Starfarer pilot for trying to help me!

Here’s the link to the video:


The... landing

the sightseeing begins

this is... omg...

just... wow!

look at this!

what an amazing sightseeing tour!

the problem...

the solution?

unfortunately not

oh wait, what's this?

can this be true? my hope returns :D

I'm so impressed by this massive ship, I put all my trust in it

this, erm... what? no, I didn't say anything...

you're the boss!

ok then... this is the moment to accept the inevitable



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