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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 1 year ago
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New England Bar Citizen: PAX East 2020

Can’t attend the New England Bar Citizen for PAX East? We’ve got you covered: Join us on Twitch for a ringside seat to our ingame event: Bar Fights! We’ll be streaming live as contestants try their hand at some melee action against some of the heaviest hitters from across the Verse, with prizes for the viewers as well as contestants!!

Fighters from Daymar Rally, Yacht Club, Odyssey Interstellar, and more are lacing up the gloves to duke it out against our Bar Citizen crowd, for testing purposes of course…

Catch all the action Live Saturday, Feb 29th at 9pm EST/6pm PST: (Streaming from event) (Hosting (Relay) (Media Coverage) (Relay)

Want to get involved in the fight? Think your Org has what it takes? Reach out to us on the Yacht Club Discord:

In Boston for PAX? Get tickets to Bar Citizen here:



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