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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 3 weeks ago
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Exploration, Lore and Sketto Rock

Back in 3.13 I was exploring and mapping my favorite moon Magda. I was paying close attention to all the features to see if I could find any patterns related to mining. After many days, I happen to came across a large rock that was big enough to land on that was sticking out of the side of a mountain. I didn’t look like a glitch in the new planet tech, more like it was intentionally placed there! My initial reaction was just wow, CIG is actually putting this stuff in game now. Of course this place needed a name so I called it “Sketto Rock”. All I wanted to do is share this on Spectrum and find more geological formations through exploration! Although the new planet tech is spectacular, this one rock really made me feel exploration was a thing now in the verse! Very exciting!






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