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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2016-08-10 22:32:08
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My expressions of gratitude to all NPC's from Port Olisar and Grimhex

Short Story:

Today i was doing stuff in SC 2.5, testing new features and looking around in Grimhex, also lately i was starting to do things "outside of the box" as well and then i realized… someone should express gratitude to NPC’s in Stanton II! They are always at post, in one spot 24/7 just to provide us with new shiny cloths,suits and fresh weapons. This is why i called all NPC’s for a group shot at Port Olisar and in this way i wanted to give them gratitude from all Citizens.

True Story:

So i realized that in 2.5 there is no "reset" for NPC’s so I brought all 14 NPC’s from Grimhex (2) and from Port Olisar (3 for each Strut A,B,C,D) on the top of Strut A building. It took me about 3h to set those shots in game!

Oh, and Big Benny wanted to join as well at some point! ;)

That was one epic adventure in SC!
I hope you’ll Enjoy those images! :D



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