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Submitted 2016-08-21 00:40:45
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Big Benny's cosplay by Dastro

Hi there! o/

Dastro here…again. :D

So i had that chance to be at Gamescom SC event and i decided to spicy things a bit with a noodle flavor! That was awesome experience when people were stunned seeing mine Big Bennys cosplay, almost each Star Citizen wanted to take a picture with me, something memorable! :D Thank you all for that epic experience at the event and i’m very glad i was your noodle provider that day! ;)

Special thanks to Typhi (he helped with transportation and was a great companion during the whole day) and Fiendish Feathers (he helped with preparation of obtaining the best Big Benny’s images for the A0 print), also thanks to all people I’ve met during the event for supporting best space food in the verse! :D That…was…EPIC! :D


If you was there and you took a photo with me, i’ll be glad if you can share those in PM here on RSI, never enough of sweet mementos. ;)

PS 2

I would like to thank the person who put on my costume 2 beer tokens when my head was inside the box. :D :D :D



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