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Drake Caterpillar Model Large Build Timelapse

This is the HO scale Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar model that I built with my kids. Modeled entirely from scratch using only concept images, we 3D printed the parts, added LED lighting, and gave it a nice pirate paint job (Courtesy of @AngelusRex). After admiring the finished product for some time, we finally sent it off to Chris Roberts and the entire LA Team for all of their hard work on bringing the actual ship to production.

We started by modeling a single Caterpillar module back in 2014, then added a few more over time with an open side to see the interior, followed by the front module. Of course, that wasn’t good enough for the kids apparently, so we didn’t stop until the entire ship was done.

My oldest son modeled the original Cargo Module and the Command Module as well as running all of the LED lights to a power supply and controller board. My middle son modeled the thrusters and helped my youngest son with the painting of the original front module section. I finished the painting on the back portion.

All of the parts for the ship were printed using an original Kickstarter Solidoodle, modified with a heated bed and improved hot-end. I didn’t really count how much filament was used, but it was quite a bit to print the entire ship along with several smaller prototypes.

You can find more images of the build process along with notes on the process here:

Credit to the build crew: My oldest son ReptillianStew who is now a freshman at Purdue Univ studying engineering. His younger brother TalkingToast who is becoming a pro at Blender and more creative 3D Modeling. And their younger brother @PirateAwesome, who is the coder of the family currently working in Unity. If you see them in the verse, buy them a drink. No alcohol. I don’t want to have to explain that to their mom. :)



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