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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-10-15 11:54:30
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Simulated pirate attack in UEE Tactical Communications Interface 2.0.Beta1

UEE Tactical Communications Interface is a tool and fan project for tactical planning in Star Citizen.

U-TEC 2.0.Beta1 brings new features and content:

> 4 new ships (38 in total) – Freelancer, Terrapin, 325a, 600i
> Ship route animation
> Improved camera controls
> Extended the scene
> Mobile and Tablet support for viewing
> Improved experience of ship controls
> Added keyboard shortcuts
> 4 Backgrounds to choose from = Starfarer and Freelancer cockpits, Galaxy stars, and solid Dark screen
> Squadrons of small ships (1 to 8 ship squadron in automatic formation)
> New grid with custom mipmapping

Watch the progress board at:



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