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On 7 July 2884, a Vanduul clan led by a Kingship launched a surprise attack on the moderately-populated planet Crion (Caliban II). The 88th UEE Navy Logistic Support Squadron were the only military forces in system at the time of the attack. They managed to hold off the Vanduul for two days, allowing much of the planet’s population to escape at the cost of nearly the entire squadron. Naval reinforcements arrived on the third day to engage the full Vanduul fleet, but they were unable to hold out against the onslaught. On 23 July 2884, after heavy casualties, Crion and the rest of the Caliban system were lost to the Vanduul. In honor of their sacrifice, the 88th Squadron was retired, earning them the nickname “the Lost Squad.” This battle marked the last time a Kingship was spotted by UEE forces until the Battle of Vega II in 2945.

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