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  • Type

  • Date(s)


  • Location

    Tiber system

  • Participants

    United Empire of Earth, Vanduul

  • Results

    Vanduul victory: United Empire of Earth forced to surrender Tiber system, Vanduul launch invasion of Virgil system

The Siege of Tiber was a key battle between the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and the invading Vanduul. Lasting from 2732 to 2736, it consisted of prolonged ground and air engagements, mass bombings, and a military blockade from the Orion and Vector (VS-1) jump points by Vanduul forces and the Virgil and Oberon jump points by UEE forces. Losses were heavy on either side; conservative estimates put Human and Vanduul combined casualties in the lower millions. The Siege ended with UEE defeat on 29 December 2736, when a Vanduul Kingship jumped into the system from Orion. Half of the UEE’s forces were destroyed in the subsequent battle. After such heavy losses, the UEE was forced to cede Tiber to the Vanduul.

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