Ark Galactapedia

  • Type

  • Date(s)

    II.961 - II.1735 (SEY 351 - 1342 )

  • Location

  • Participants

    Xi'an Empire, Kr'thak

  • Results

    Stalemate; Xi'an Empire and Kr'thak cut contact. Emperor Iith se Xy.ō and the Xy.ō House perish. Second Imperial Age ends.

The Spirit Wars were an interconnected series of massed conflicts between the Xi’an Empire and the Kr’thak, spanning multiple centuries (II.961 - II.1735; SEY 351 - 1342 ). These wars had a profound effect on Xi’an society; during a Kr’thak incursion in II.1706 (SEY 1305), Emperor Iith se Xy.ō and all in her House were exterminated. The Second Imperial age came to an abrupt end and a century of anarchy rose in its place.

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