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Artemis was a long-haul colony spacecraft that launched from Earth (Sol III) in 2232 and disappeared in 2237. Built before the discovery of jump points and after the discovery of quantum travel, its mission was to travel to the potentially habitable planetary system GJ 667Cc and establish a Human colony through conventional quantum drive engines. Travel was estimated to take over a century. The 5000 people on board, all volunteers, were to remain in stasis while the prototype artificial intelligence nicknamed Janus piloted the ship and managed life support. In 2237, fourteen years before the ship was scheduled to fall out of contact with Earth, its daily status updates abruptly ceased. It has not been seen since.

When news of the ship’s disappearance was released, many speculated that Janus was responsible for the loss of the vessel. Evidence corroborating this claim has never been found.

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