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Xi'an-Human First Contact

Humans and Xi’an first made contact in 2530 when Gaia Planet Services (GPS), a Human terraforming corporation, attempted to set up operations on the’ūng system. Because GPS had illegally entered the system, they neglected to perform the necessary surveys required by law, and were thus unaware that the system was already occupied before they attempted to terraform one of the planets. This activity nearby attracted Xi’an military forces, who seized control of the facility and GPS personnel. For 57 days, the Xi’an held the Humans hostage while negotiating for information from the United Planets of Earth (UPE). Once the UPE capitulated to the Xi’an Empire’s terms, the hostages were released without harm. However, the distrust sown on both sides marked the beginning of the Xi’an-Human Cold War (2530-2792).

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