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Borea (Magnus II)

Borea is the second planet from the sun in the Magnus system, United Empire of Earth (UEE). Terraforming began on the planet shortly after the system was discovered in 2499. Until 2631, it was the center of shipbuilding operations for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN), and enjoyed a thriving economy. Newcastle, the capital, was renowned for the quality of ship components produced by its artisans and businesses. However, when the shipbuilding industry shuttered after the Navy's move to Kilian, the planet's fortunes sharply degraded. Many buildings were abandoned as the population sought jobs on other worlds. In recent decades, commercial spacecraft industries such as Drake Interplanetary have purchased the old warehouses and shipyards in Odyssa that were abandoned by the UEEN, bringing much-needed jobs with them. For the first time since the mid-27th century, its population is rising.

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