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Unification Wars
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    Sol system

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  • Results

    Anti-unificationists defeated

The Unification Wars were a series of wars that took place after the formation of the United Nations of Earth (UNE) in 2380 until 2384. It was sparked on 20 October 2380 when the crew of the Stanley, a warship registered to the former country of Amecanio, mutinied and threatened to attack multiple cities on Earth (Sol III) unless the government reverted to its pre-unified form. The UNE Council mobilized the military and successfully disabled and recaptured the Stanley; however, six more warships rebelled and fighting broke out in earnest. Although the first war ended with the defeat of anti-unificationists in early 2381, a second war erupted that same year when UNE Marines clashed with separatist rebels who had created fortifications in the Mars (Sol IV) frontier. The third and final war concluded on 29 July 2384 in the skies above New York City. Anti-unificationists who did not surrender fled into the nearest jump points, forming the first known independent spacecraft-based pirate gangs.

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