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Marie Sante (2504 - 2545?) was a navjumper most notable for her discovery of the Horus system, which she named after her ship. Born on Gonn (Oberon I) in 2504, she was the oldest of seven children, and was often left in charge of caring for her siblings while her parents worked in the mines or gambled after work. She ran away from home at age 14, disappearing from public record until her reappearance in 2528 when she disclosed the discovery of the Horus system to the United Planets of Earth (UPE) government. The extensive planetary charts she provided with this report have led historians to believe that Sante first visited Horus up to a decade earlier, but Sante refused to provide any further information. Her 2542 discovery of a jump point to the Xi'an-controlled'a system prompted the UPE to add Horus to the Perry Line and close it to non-military personnel. Sante refused to leave. She continued to explore Horus, evading and occasionally clashing with the Navy as they tried to push her out of the system. In 2545, she and her ship vanished without a trace. Sante's ultimate fate remains unsolved, and is a popular subject of stories and documentaries on Serling (Horus I).

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