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House Ru'a

Ru’a was the first Imperial House in the Xi’an Empire (SaoXy'an). It was one of the four major Houses involved in the Great Divide (20044 - 19770 BCE), allied to the Kl.ō house against Houses Uai’i and Chii. Alliances fractured over the years until all four Houses fought for themselves to achieve supreme power. As the Chii emerged as the likeliest victors, the leadership of Ru’a and Uai’i elected to attempt peace talks with the Chii on the Xi’an homeworld RyiXy'an (Hyoton III), hoping to negotiate a ceasefire. However, all leaders of Ru’a and some of Uai’i and Chii were wiped out when the struggling House Kl.ō sabotaged RyiXy'an’s network of antique weather manipulation satellites above the talks, inadvertently setting off a chain reaction that poisoned the atmosphere of the entire planet. All Xi’an were forced to flee their homeworld.

A surviving daughter of Ru’a, Ya.l'ē, was named the first Emperor of the new unified government in recompense for her family’s near-annihilation. She encoded the mores of Li’tova into Xi’an law. The House ruled until Se’ang, the final Ru’a Emperor and the last member of his line, stepped down in 878 BCE (I.14680), beginning the Second Imperial Age.

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