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Anthony Tanaka Remembrance Day
  • Description

    Anthony Tanaka memorial in Levski, Delamar

  • Type

  • Date(s)

    Annually on the Third of December

  • Location

    Across the UEE

  • Participants


Anthony Tanaka Remembrance Day is a holiday in the United Empire of Earth (UEE), observed annually on December Third. It is held in honor of Anthony Tanaka, a child laborer who was publicly executed by an Advocacy agent on 3 December 2757 for refusing to obey an order to continue working. Footage of his murder was captured and smuggled out of the factory by members of the anti-Messer movement, where it became a symbol of resistance against the cruelty of the Messer government. In 2793, after the events of the Anti-Messer Revolution, ImperatorErin Toi signed a declaration from the Senate that recognized the anniversary of Tanaka’s death as a holiday. Traditionally, observers light candles in honor of Tanaka while they observe a moment of silence.

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